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    • Anirban

      To both the Sayani’s … Thank you… Lemme introduce each Other to you both… This is Sayani Mukherjee and this is Sayani Nandi…!!

    • admin

      Thank you Nisha, this is an old piece that I wrote when I was making a new start to my life… I hope anyone who does that shall connect to it.

  1. Anubhav Kumar

    Really a very admirable post.What can I say about that?I am like a newly born baby in this field.But,as far as my thinking is concerned,you had done a great job on collecting data on that.Da your writing is good an its an eye-catching.It can hold the readers.All the best for your next post…You really rock.

  2. I disagree with u on this. The media is there to potray the real state of affairs and they are doing there job. The prep of CWG was sham and it was the duty of the media to show where and how the Rs.70000 Crores of Public money was spent and the truth behind the ‘state-of-the-art’ and ‘World Class’ facilities that the Govt. and Kalmadi was talking about. The media did the right job and today’s World where news travels faster then light the Western Media got the stuff easily. The Indian media did its job quite well and efficiently. What ‘Brand India’ are u talking about. A country where 70% of the population lives on less the Rs.20 a day that ‘Brand India’. CWG is a stupid image building exercise. If Rs.70000 Crores was spent on grassroots level in sport it would have been money spent level.

  3. The rooms are still not clean and there the bed of an Indian athlete break down what can the media? If the CWG officials still commit blunder after blunder with just few days to go, should the media stop coveraging it?? Hello, we are not China and North Korea or a Cuba! We are a democracy and having such a vibrant media is a part of being Democratic. The media or we just cannot close our eyes and say ‘Aal izz Well’ and the officials carry on with there stupidity!

  4. Its like we called 100 guests in our house to have dinner and 5 of then didn’t get to eat as the food got exhausted. 95% got to eat and only 5% went back hungry. Is thet okay with you? It won’t bring disrepute to you and your family as 5 went back hungry? Its not about how many broke, its why even one broke? A simple bed and these people are even handling security, God help these games!

  5. I agree, in part! One, western world wants to see India the way they have always perceived us to be. They believe India is exactly like what is portrayed in Slumdog Millionnaire. And want it to remain so.

    Indian media on the other hand, tends to go overboard at times. I do agree with you, Indian media must showcase our positives and highlight all the achievements that usually get swept under the carpet, simply because they are not as ‘spicy’ or ‘raking TRPs’ as negative news. Our news channels must, MUST, focus on highlighting the good aspects of daily life. At the same time, I don’t think it would be fair, to brush the CWG scam under the carpet, just to save our face before the western audience. That way, our politicians will just get away scot free, as they have always been doing!!

    So its a very fine balancing act, which, sadly Indian media has failed to do, because they always focus more on negative and less on positive aspects.

  6. Anirban

    Yes di, certain times when I feel very positive about life, it feels great… they donot require any rigorous thoughts ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. Poluck

    I met a philologist today who could read and write. I also met a troubadour the other day who happened to be unmute. We’re laboring under the misapprehension that there is hope.splendid…<3

  8. debmalya da

    well well well wat to write… this is just not fair u know…. maane eeta ki sombhob ekta 3 bochorer purono relation ke eei ekta patahe likhte hobe aamae?
    naa likhbo naa kichutei likhbo naa…. dhur tui khub baje… eei sob baje kaaj gulo krabi bol amake diyei dhurrrrrr
    on a serious note this is a guy who is found everywhere well just like i was during my college days, he will be seen from the stage to the dance floor to the classes(naah!!!! thats sooooo not true), to the erp cell to the canteen to the streets to the ad block to with the juniors huh babare hafiye gelam to well ya i did not see him only at one place taht is the playground well same pinch heheh amakeo keo konodin khelar mathe dekhi ni, a brilliant gentleman who is soooooo very miscible with everyone, well tahts the best quality that this student? naah junior? naaah a brother yaa thats the right word has of mine
    all the bst bro and never ever change urself for anyone cause am a fan of yours cause i see a Debmalya Sen in you yupps thats direct dil se!!!!!
    all the best bro and am soooooo lucky to have a bro like this…. hey wait na na tui amar bro na . , ekdom naa kikore hobe tahoel dhurrrr tui to amar jamai holi re……. tai naa?? well public place so no name taking heheheheh i know someone will kill me for this hehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehe

  9. Agnivo

    Figures like Barkha who are very famous, have always come under attack from the saffron camp because NDTV has never minced words against fundamentalists irrespective of the colour. This time however, the publication of a private conversation to defame a seasoned journalist, at a time when NDTV was exposing Karnataka land scam, makes my fears true! This is all a planned strategy! The Open Magazine has no credibility

  10. Achira Saha

    I do support Anirban in this case. As regards the social media, it had already killed Jyoti Basu way before he actually died. Sensationalisation too should be knowing its limit. Any news of derogatory type sensationalises in the social media, the printed media chose to keep quite. Believe in the work..

  11. LALIT

    I have always found a charm in you,which makes you what you are today.Keep this lively charm ignited in you.You have the charisma which attracts other’s attention.The best thing i like about you is the spirit to work and deliver the best.You possess some basic traits which provides a zeal for the lethargic people around you.All the best for your future.

  12. Alee zubery

    anirban da en me …. two diff countries …diff religions …diff culture ….. but one same thing we both have …. a pure heart …. a heart which provides a path from my soul to his ….
    bro …. bhai ….. pra g …. em just a big fan ov yours ….
    sorry but ..on my celeb list ….
    1st …. Shahrukh khan
    2nd …. Anirban saha …heheheheh :p

  13. Kuntal Goswami

    เฆฌเฆพเฆ‚เฆฒเฆพเงŸ boli. Matrivasha after all. เฆคเงเฆ‡ เฆ–เงเฆฌ เฆญเฆพเฆฒเง‹ เฆ›เง‡เฆฒเง‡- เฆเฆ•เฆ•เฆฅเฆพเงŸ เฆเฆŸเฆพเฆ‡ เฆ†เฆฎเฆฟ เฆฌเฆฒเฆฌเง‹เฅค
    Whenever i have talked with you. I have found your very happy mind and a attitude to make everyone near you happy. You have always a zeal to perform better.That makes you different from others. And I have also seen you to many times fight back all odds with superb confidence. Many many people around you tried to demoralize you but they always failed severely. Hats off to your personality. But yes onlything I can advise you is never trust people so much. You are very innocent and people xploit ur this human nature. You must stop showing your innocence to everyone.
    “Dont be clever be wiser to understand people around you”–thatz ma message.
    All the best for your sparkling career ahead in life.

  14. Tusha

    You are someone I do not talk to for months and then when we talk, we catchup like time never passed.
    Enough said. Don’t you think?

  15. Plaha Satnam Singh

    ANIRBAN SAHA…………………
    ………..As soon as I heard this name for the very first time in BCET (When I came to BCET), I got very excited to meet this person because by the time I could hear a lot of gud things about him. His work not only for the college but also for the contribution made to the development of his colleagues and his excellency in E- WEEK and FESTIVALS and also in organizing extra curricular activities in this college, I became very much fond of him. I became very much interested to work with him but could get chance in E-week 2009. In the mean while keeping him as my ideal senior, I started my work in the search of name and fame which could add up into my career, I could not get till now. After wards i was fortunate enough that he could add to his team for reflexions 2010, in which we could know very much about each other. Even he was impressed with my work. At all the times I have found a smile in him,which makes him very different from others. He used to interact with all the juniors and helped them to go through the right path. The best thing i found about him is that his way of work, way of thinking and way of executing the task is different from others. I am sorry to say that I don’t know what he thinks about me? Any way I wish him All the Best for your future. And request you to please do remember me in your life and keep guiding us for the better future.

  16. Divya Gaurav

    Any thing has both white and black parts.We have to choose between them or create a gray part acquiring both white and black.What I mean is that a person’s morals decide the validity or usefulness of any system or belief.A boy discussing his problems with his elder brother seems like a bridge between youngers n elders but let not that bridge become a path to destroy values.same way internet n social networking can be used both to assist each other or share feelings.At the same time it can be used s a tool to propagate hatred or for creating troubles for some poor guy.So I believe that our morals decide our actions and our actions decide the fate of a system or a belief.
    Divya Gaurav
    3rd year,ECE

    • Anirban

      Thank you Gaurav. This article was written somehow keeping in my how elders should be conducting themselves, you view is an interesting point made as a third person. What do you think of the “shared value” you yourself is a senior to your next two batch.. what are your expectations from them and what should you do to get it fulfilled?

  17. Divya Gaurav

    Anirban bhaiya u can’t have common expectations from a large expectations differ from person to person.lets not discuss it hear now.and people will live up to my expectations or act as I want them to only if I do it myself.

  18. Respect in any kind of relationship is imprtant but at some level respect needs to be earned and it should not be taken for granted. For example if one of my elders do something nastu or say something nasty infront of me then he/she will lose my respect. Too many seniors take respect for granted as if their date-of-birth as automatically elevated them to a higher pedestal. Same with the juniors, if they demand a voice, space and respect then they also need to earn it not expect the seniors to take them seriously from the outset. As for expectations from seniors/juniors, I don’t have any. I am one of those who goes on doing his job and carry on with my life without expecting a thing from anybody(my defense from sadness and hurt).

    As for the social networkng angle, I only have my elder bro in my facebook friend list and we are least bothered about each other’s fb updates or status. We deal with eachother one to one. I have my bro’s friends in my fb fl but I have a very chilled relationship with them so again we don’t take social networking too seriously in building interpersonal relationships. Our relationships are more defined in the real world than in the virtual world.

    • Anirban

      “if one of my elders do something nastu or say something nasty infront of me then he/she will lose my respect. ” coz they miss on the “shared value” stuff.

      But then my question to you is, hasnt the social networking sites change the scenario even for a bit?

  19. For me it hasn’t. Ya, a few of my older friends realized that I have more to my personality than I present to them but they always suspected that and it was not surprising to me. For you it might have as u have teachers and parents in fb but for me, ‘nada’!

  20. Hmmmm……….. dont know the actual date but i remember i was with my rummate going for a dinner at pumphouse!! seikhanei ei bokbok machine tar sathe alap hoyechilo,yea the meeting was a sweet one as fr the first time a brother gave a choclaty treat ” Dairy Milk” to me. He was the first senior that i interacted with no fear, and talked with him like my pagla dada, bt yes a touch of inspiration cn be found in any of his deeds nd actions which is rarely found in anyone and dats wt i like abt him very much.. keep this thing in yourself forever it will help you in every stride of your life. May God bless you.. hv a wonderful life!!

  21. I am pretty bad at praising people and I don’t like sharing my personal experience with any of my friends publicly but if Mr.Anirban insists, I will have to. The first time I saw Anirban was in Class-XI and he didn’t make any impression. He seemed shy and reserved and I was new to the school saw I was also on my guard. Our friendship started in the Bus of route no.30D(he blames the bus for all his problems) and the rest as they say is history.

    I have seen Anirban grow from a shy-reserved kind of a guy to a overly sociable and extrovert(…..and I am not really fond of this transformation) person.

    Any special memories or experience with him……not really. We both are insane but put insanity has bounds(atleast, mine has).

    I have gyanofied him enough in a taxi ride during Pujas so I don’t have to get into that. Keep in mind whatever I had said and polish those rough edges that exist.

  22. Ashish Ojha

    What i got of you from the last some years that you are a smart person to deal are that person who can easily attract other’s attention with sheer effort and determination towards your work which you take in your hand.This is what i like best in you.
    2ndly, you know your weaknesses and strength and you always try to make sure that everything falls in your court which is best to your abilities.and mind it there are very less people who knows about himself/herself best to their knowledge but this is where you are apart from others .This makes you more stronger and more attractive towards others.
    But what i feel after spending some good quality time with you is your adamant(sometimes) behaviour which may can cause you big time.So,pls work on it and make yourself a person to whom everone can admire.
    On the whole dude,you are one character with whom anyone would like to work.And Please maintain the same sincerity,honesty and determination in future whatever may you do in live and a sense of dignity to make this world a fan of yours.
    And my funda for you never think anyone below you whether it may be in any field just be down to earth and everyone will appreciate you for what you are and your doings.
    Aur haan,how can i forget your effort in SPHUTATI’09 where i saw the determination and willingness to make that event a mega event.Thanks for it.
    Have a good future ahead best of luck for that and do always take good care of your health.
    I know i have written much more what you would have thought and have no hard feelings.

  23. Arvind kumar

    i liked d way u hv described the asocitaion of hope and despair wid the lyf of a a moment man hopes to get more nd better bt in d other moment he he despairs that he will get nothing…bt in d mid u change context saying u hope to find a way to god.
    it would hv been better if u would hv described only d drama that hope and despair plays wid d lyf..
    howevr u wrote it nicely..well done!!kudos!!

    • Anirban

      because arvind I feel, all merges with the almighty at the end.. I personally feel anything that I do is ultimately for the almighty and after all our deed we have to find the way to divinity!

  24. ruchy

    the thought is quite expanded…but as i view it.Whenever you try to build a bridge its not always a depth you try to cover.but also sometimes the hights you try to level.And sometimes these hights represent respect..which keeps them above from once you try to level them n you r gone…..

  25. Samrat Chatterjee

    Well right from (pre)1st year ORKUT days to 3rd yr Hostel days I had seen,heard and derived loads about you.To define “Anirban Saha” he who always appeared to be an en-lighter,motivator,example-setter with whom you would always gain some positive vibes.Though at times appeared a nit too preachy but those sell too ! Well having said that without any exaggeration,sincerely I do expect at some point of time in our future lives “ANIRBAN SAHA” as a household name.

    BASK in the glory of SUCCESS which truly , deservedly awaits YOU !
    Loads of Love ( strictly NOT GAY-ISM wala love ๐Ÿ˜› )
    Samrat Chatterjee ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Karthik Sivakoti

    To start with he was the first senior i interacted with. I still get a faint smile when i think about the words i used to describe my reaction when he asked me to meet him for the first time although the rendezvous was never held. But we meet rather soon in a very unexpected manner. I don’t remember exactly but it must have been the college fest and i went to the auditions for some extempore stuff which was being organized by the seniors. And he was there sitting next to me like a stranger…
    In the first year itself we worked together in a documentary. Still remember the night when all of us( me, priyank da, supratik da, aritro ) were all asleep he was awake thinking about changes in the script. To be honest, it was a great privilege meeting such a hard working, dedicated guy ..oops i think i should say ‘sir’…
    coz i just remembered the episode …
    date: 4th september , 2008
    venue: BCET, management block
    well dat was during the lunch hour and the most unexpected thing happened…i was ragged by him….initially, i thought it going as a joke..cos how come a guy like ani da rag anyone but soon matter got out of hand. And i was made to sing “Enrique’s- hero”. and i really think Enrique would haven’t have survived a heart attack if he heard the way i killed his song that day. And in fact, ani da was relishing the song,well at least that’s how it seemed to me cos he even recorded dat.
    Of all the people i had known in my college life, he was the one who really cared for me. In my first year i had a kind of fucked up relation with a really went very me depressed during the whole lot of time. He was of great help during all those times. Sometimes he used to shout over me if my tie was loose cos he always used to expect something outta me…nd i know i won’t let him down…
    3 years have passed on at the wink of an eye. Me and him have bonded together as brothers now. And im very glad we are. He’s one of the very few reasons im happy to get into BCET. He reminds me of a phrase from shakespeare’s play- Saint crispian’s day
    “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
    For he today that sheds his blood with me
    Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
    This day shall gentle his condition;”
    I just pray to lord almighty we be in touch always and stay the way we are -WE HAPPY FEW BAND OF BROTHERS…

  27. Abhay Shah

    Real smooth..something new..
    as the expression goes..”music to my ears”..
    a different genre altogether..expect and hope it draws as much attention as it deserves..:)

  28. Abhay Shah

    i think dis shud be the beginning..coz dis kind of an end woul be very dull n abrupt.. i mean sumthin sumthin happens n d protagonist is left on the stage wid a pen in his hand..doesnt make much sense or leave any msg or put any point across to the audience…critical point of view..

  29. sayani m

    Something vital was missing in the film. Inspite of the fact that it was supposed to be laden with emotiom…a vital emotion was missing. Perhaps, it was the placid reaction of Basu’s wife on realising how deeply he was involved with the director. Or perhaps, it was the tasteless and at times unperceivable humour. Something was amiss. Direction was below the standard that the film had set for itself, thanks to Rituparno’s brilliant acting. Some scenes n events remain unexplained…like the haircut one…n its not intellectual.
    Except the Radha song, most others sounded out of place.
    Am still not sure if i should call the movie good. But yes, it definitely was not bad.

  30. Atmaja

    i agree with you…while watching the movie i thought the subject of the movie was rituporno and how well he can actually mimic a stylish woman…!the audience targeted in this movie couldn’t be determined..even rituporno(as a director) lovers…were astounded by the poor story line..was it a comparison between chapal and rituporno’s love life?or was it a demonstration of how gay people who have reached heights can actually come up on screen,with no acting skills…whatsoever..!

  31. “Forming new relations doesnt mean leaving the old. The old relations stay as they were, and with time new relations are made as we meet new people..this is nothing wrong, in my opinion. It happens with all, it happened with you, it happened with me.. your place remains the same in my heart, although it did fade a bit with the distance that existed between us all this while.. but it is not erased, the charm still exists, the warmth does even..”

    I hope you get the point!! BTW well written!!

  32. Debayan Laha

    Excellent !!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ It would have been better if you posted your apti experience too..that would have made the content complete..Just a suggestion…:)

  33. ruchy

    hey.everything is fine wer did u get KFC chicken in the mid of that tension??….jokes apart….reminded me of my its wonderful again….

  34. Shambo

    Very-well written-I dunno somehow it reminded of Rituparno Ghosh movies-which usually has a free-flowing storyline which is usually open-ended(no definite beginning n no definite end)… But does manage to convey wat it intends to…

  35. VenuG

    ei chobi aj key shobai songe hoyeche

    truly realistic

    ***************disclaimer the story or characters mentioned here are totally imaginary!!!
    andy resemblance to any person living or dead is purely co_inciddentaaal Baabba

    but then this happens universally

    jei girfriend na hobey to loki gay janey

    hobey to boka hoye jabey

    jey gf/relationship na thakbey
    to Signaturer bikri Bondo
    Bar ta bondo


    Moral of the story
    Its better to love and die
    than not love at all

    Par Mundya seedhiyaan siddhiyaan Gallan Kraa Kkarro Tussan
    But Boy you talk straight!!
    Pahelyaan na bujhaya karo
    Dont create riddles !!!
    Na Ttey kudi haath ton nikal jaaniya
    Or else the gal will give u a slip ๐Ÿ™‚
    feyr bella baithey baithey Kamli di trah Ithey-Utthey Trogey
    Or else you will roam like a madcap on streets to & fro like a wolf in his den

  36. Aritra

    kept on wishing this story goes on and on for the rest of the night.
    was such an endearing experience going thru it but i guess it wont be fair to keep gauranga (or watever his real name is) hungry for long.
    awesum work anirban a.k.a. writer-who-brings-a-smile-to-my-face.

  37. Tania Biswas

    awesum…..romantic nd at d same tym fynny too………..loved it while reading….keep supplying dis kind of stories to d readers……:-)

  38. Arvind kumar

    it’s really nice and hope this kind of post u will continue to write in ur blogs…….
    really enjoyed it..though i faced a bit prblm in understanding some of bengali sentences bt going through it two times it becam clear to me and den realized dat those sentences really gives life to ur blog….great job..would like to read this type of blogs more..

  39. saikat

    dis gonna b a weird asking… !!!! is it total original???? i mean…no “modified” content….relative 2 the real scenario???? watever…. u really deserve a humble “salute” 4m me…. really…wish i cud be u…!!!!

    • Anirban

      @saikat no modification.. these were the quote-unquote version of it… the experience has been over whelming.. i still remember every bit of it!

  40. Rohit

    Hey very nicely put buddy….really njoid reading the interview part….unfolding like a filmi script….could almost visualize the conversation in my head……:)

  41. Debashree Roy

    hey…dat was a really nyc n awefully helpful piece of article…n da way u confidently communicatd was simply superb!:D

  42. Harshit Mehta

    CONGRATULATIONS !! I personally enjoyed reading this article. Learned how to present myself in a interview. It was really helpful. Also trying to learn how to blog. I got too many things to learn and just a few months remaining in hand before you pass out. I found a friend- philosopher- guide in you. And dada ofcourse..

  43. Anirban

    @all My friend – Aninya , it was her actually her confidence about the subject she did put in which was very effective and finally got her the call. She couldnt answer the first few questions of C and datastructure and was asked repeatedly to change her “subject of interest”, but she stuck to her point and forced the interviewer to ask more questions of the same domain, to which she answered correctly. and now she is in.

  44. Anirban

    @debashree We are actually pieces of the jig-saw puzzle of the entire picture called a big company.. we have to communicate in order to make them believe that we are a piece of the picture and that we fit in actually! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @harshit… am I dying? I am just leaving college, my home shall always be there!

  45. Anirban

    its appearing quite preachy! But i feel, what I wanted to convey is conveyed – the idea to streamline and develop the ecosystem!

  46. Really liked the article…and i personally think that students should busy themselves in co-curricular activities in their field of interest.It would really give them fame and satisfaction.

  47. Anirban

    I guess, if the students take up startup projects or even parts of it during their internship, as i suggested there, I feel they will grow the appetite. You approve of it?

  48. Prosenjeet Paul

    Dude….nice thoughts….but why do you mess up a poem with so long and confusing sentences….and they never rhyme..???

  49. Anirban

    @agnivo… the curse then is in itself enjoyable during the spell!! after its over, its a different story! ๐Ÿ˜› thats another aspect of love!

  50. Anirban, when I met you at SS I found you to be a very energetic lad. You are doing a great work and you are the catalyst.

    On behalf of NASSCOM, I have a different prespective which I wanted to share with you. I usually ask most students why do you want to become an entrepreneur? Till now i have not got a proper satisfying answer ๐Ÿ™‚ Preparing a B-plan is not the issue, the issue is something deep, and I no way blame the student community for this. “Business” is directly proportional to “market”. The term “market” is somehow not connected with the student community, so how can one expect a good and sustainable business plan? Passion is not the only criteria to be an entrepreneur. As you have correctly mentioned student community needs to interact more frequently with real entrepreneurs and the best possible way to do that is to join a start-up. They should be a part of daily challenges which these entrepreneurs are facing. So not everyone needs to be an entrepreneur rather be an “intrapreneur”. I have been telling students and many entrepreneurs to go out and mix with people, go to the various sabji-mandis and learn the real tricks of selling and understand the consumer behaviour. One can build a “solution” only when he/she knows the problem…and one can know the real problem only they go out and mix with people ๐Ÿ™‚ 85%-90% of the students passing out from engineering colleges wants to join an MNC….and out which 70% stays there for 2-3 years and then jump to another MNC for salary hike. Few leave their jobs to do MBA( which is a different issue). Only 5%-6% can really stay focused and climb up the ladder. By jumping from one company to another, their cost increases and thus startups and SMEs cannot afford to source them. The hiring cost increases and “projects” doesnot come here, it goes to Philippines ๐Ÿ™‚ Then one fine day the so called “Professionals” think they want to be an entrepreneur without having a clue of real business(or market). Student community needs “Mentorship” more than “Placements” and here NASSCOM comes into action.

    Aninda Das

  51. Aritra

    prosenjit paul is absolutely right.
    its true im in awe of your writing but this time things cudnt actually appear clearly.
    few things still lack understanding but maybe thats entirely my shortcoming.
    wud give it a repeat reading and hope it makes some difference this time !

  52. anirban

    reason : “How do I convince you of my failures? I am no hero of your dreams. A peep inside and the world looses the magic.”

  53. Alpana Jaiswal

    Liked your style of writing,and words don’t need to rhyme..keep on with your good work,will like to see more of you in the future.

  54. Prosenjeet Paul

    Life is all about falling down, getting up again, brushing off the dust and start walking all over again as if you sat down on the ground just to take rest for a while….

  55. Alpana Jaiswal

    Its about moving forward…AND YOU words fail right now,and to tell you the truth,I feel like a fraud,where my writings are concerned…there is no comparison,the depth and the soul is visible…all I want to say is…Donโ€™t work on being liked and accepted. Just work on being you. Your the one that matters most….and you do…

  56. Anirban

    eta keu aakeni.. hastashilpa mela te.. ekta dokan dar ke potiye… or putul niye khelchilam… nijer moton sajiye sajiye photo tulchilam. ๐Ÿ˜€

  57. Alpana Jaiswal

    Unbelievable,you have made me cry,right now the thing I want to do the most..reach out and hug you…take care…and remember I am always there for you.

  58. Aritra

    wow…thats so true and u really have the ability to bring out the best words to express yourself so clearly yet leaving a mark. u r my rockstar !! u already know !

  59. Alpana Jaiswal

    Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning…and I wish true love for you. This is so beautiful,pure…I love it.

  60. melissa

    is this the semi-rated a post? next question… is this fiction or reality? :P… how could one write something so well… geez… you’re a prodigy…i won’t be writing in details…i might give a semi-rated a comment ๐Ÿ˜›

  61. Abhisek Panda

    Love is something that when touches you changes your world forever.I wish you all the very best in your love life.Beautiful and pure for sure ๐Ÿ˜€

  62. Aritra

    im seeing the film through your eyes now,after going through the review. feel closely connected to all the emotions you mentioned of.

  63. Saurabh Mitra

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  64. Agnivo Niyogi

    Beautifully written but i feel details of the film could have been avoided ๐Ÿ™‚

    Comparisons with Abohomaan and SCK were good…..

  65. Anirban

    @all thank you.
    @melissa hahaha! yea, my semi A rated post. Generally I revolved round and round about love, but never wrote about the passion of it, thats some other side to my writing… tried expressing it in my own way this time!

  66. sancheeta biswas

    lust is incomplete without love and love remains unsatiated without lust. the combo pack is rocking………write more ^-^.

  67. Mrinalini Kasturia

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  68. Mrinalini Kasturia

    I am completely mesmerized by this piece Anirban! It is so deep and philosophical. It left me speechless for a while because I got so into if I could feel the love between the two people.

  69. Rishav

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  70. Simran

    Wow! Anirban,
    You have a great talent to express the things so beautifully and effectively!
    Loved it!

    Keep Expressing !!
    Take care ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. Aritra

    truly inspiring @nirban !!
    a few questions sometimes even i think of :- why is a last “bye” in person always special even after several telephonic “byess” ? Why do we fall in luv and with only that special person ?? why do we get philosophical when talking of luv ? few questions remain unanswered which make them even more special. your blogs do that to me !!
    keep it up.

  72. priyasmita

    one thing u missed,i think,is the complexities of sexual behaviour of human beings,like the film,at some points,stressed on not to define one individual by one definite sexual preference.being a ‘nari’ and a ‘purush’ has been the only limitations of gender accepted by the “sushil somaj”.but this film stretched that definition a little beyond and forces on creating a separate identity,that is a human..not ‘he’ or ‘she’..i can remember of one scene right at this moment-where abhiroop forces a crew to call him obhi when he is perplexed how to call abhiroop,abhi da,or abhi di..these interestingly free zones coming up in bangla film industry is no doubt,a treat

  73. Alpana Jaiswal

    The prodigal son returns..loved your post,I had
    heard so much about Shantiniketan…And this is like seeing it…loved it Anirban.

  74. anamus

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  75. Ritabrata Mukherjee

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  76. sancheeta biswas

    anirban, if you can draw Rabindranath Tagore, how about trying Monalisa?

    you are a big dreamer and you have the zeal to prove it more bigger. wish you all the best in life.

  77. Alpana Jaiswal

    As I said,you are the best..this is something out of the world..keep your talent and passion always in the will always succeed in life.

  78. Abhisek Panda

    As I said before Anirban.You are super talented and you use your time properly.What could be a better example of your artistic abilities than this.Simply superb art ๐Ÿ˜€

    I think you should try creating some more portraits.

    • Anirban

      let the shutter open. go infront of the lens and start moving the light source (torch/candle) and by the time the shutter closes, (shutter time: 3to 30 secs) you will get the pattern!

  79. Abhijit Debnath

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  83. rupesh

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    room…some teacher announced my name and while i was entering the room i saw u moving out….i was alloted the
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    fantastically fantastic.

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    We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure.
    There is no end to the adventures we can have
    if only we seek them with our eyes open…
    And also its nice to have a camera by the side, to enlighten others about the experience..

  86. Abhisek Panda

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  87. Bani

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    super like…thnx bro ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Anirban

      you are always welcome didi… i am still learning… learning sharing… sharing learning… share stuff that you know ๐Ÿ˜‰

  88. sancheeta biswas

    pictures are excellent Anirban, stopped by again to see them. you have the passion of capturing wonders, that is for sure.

  89. Aurindam

    The points are pretty nice. But people from remote villages have voted for Mamata as CM..

    Lets see what happens.

  90. Abhisek Panda

    Anirban What Bengal what Orissa what Mumbai…everywhere the politics is same……we need some serious dedication ๐Ÿ˜€

  91. Abhay Shah

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    how can an educated person, moreover a future professional say this in favor of mamata banerjee??
    she a poltergeist for industries n industrialists…she gets the credit for implementing nitish singh’s plans…an outright joke she is in d political fracas.
    no sense whatsoever of mannerisms or parliamentary ways. The congress party is gonna suffer very soon for having tried to feed the croc with the hand. in her years in the opposition all she has done is put her big foot in between the closing doors of progressive deals and decisions…dirtiest and cheapest politics i have ever witnessed…not that i am a pro cpm supporter..i hate there politics with equal contempt..but at least their measures were they dealt with the opposition was their own headache, and i couln’t seem to care less..

  92. Nikhil

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    Unfortunately my camera blocks all other manual settings when I switch to long exposure shots.. ๐Ÿ™
    I’ll need more luck… :=)

  93. Abhisek

    Nice snap Anirban….there’s grain…the droplet should be crystal clear….but it’s ok….looks like it’s a window grill or something….if I am not wrong.Keep clicking ๐Ÿ˜€

  94. Anirban

    Jim, i didnot reduce the noise here… the noise is here because of the constraints of my camera/ and more over this is a cropped portion.

    Abhishek Panda da…:D Da, gift me a camera now ๐Ÿ˜›

  95. Sourav

    Anirban Da, Please give the photo in such a manner so that we can see these magnificent works in large size…

  96. jim

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  97. Meda Mcgray

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  98. saurav

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  99. Alpana Jaiswal

    Let your mind start a journey thru a strange new world. Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before. Let your soul take you where you long to beโ€ฆClose your eyes, let your spirit start to soar, and youโ€™ll live as youโ€™ve never lived before.Trust in what you love, continue to do it, and it will take you where you need to go.
    Wishing you the best in everything you do…

  100. Subhro

    Reminds me of my motto actually, Let work be the only purpose of work itself, results shall follow ability.

  101. Aritra

    Thats subtle,direct and a nice way to look at your endeavours and as inspiring as you are to me,these are the words I shall remember whenever Im asked about my future plans. You rock no doubt. Lots of luv 2 u and wishing a Hapy father’s day !!!

  102. paresh

    Commit yourself to something that is larger than you – a cause that you deem more important than yourself. As long as a person is focused only on his little self, he is in survival mode, and the great talents that lie within him do not get an opportunity to grow. Ordinary people become extraordinary when inspired by an idea that is larger than themselves.

    to behave like an expert first be an expert
    i know u r are genius and talented person and you prove yourself and be a legacy in days to come .
    thank and regards

  103. Shreyasi

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  107. Shreyasi

    Its really a topic of debate. Well personally I think the custom is inhuman but on the other hand some people say that they are having a profession. It seems to me like, they are still pulling rickshaws coz they get money ..but if checked on ethical grounds , its wrong..but at the same time , can we arrange for some other means of earning 4 them? if not then taking away from them their work will again be unethical…so its a confusion really , it all depends on what govt. can arrange for them…but i really feel very bad seeing specially old rickshaw pullers pulling young people …thats why i dont prefer that mode of transport …

  108. Shreyasi

    heheh nice way of framing the situation …its really an irony . If we compare the political scene of Kolkata to a meagre traffic scene on a road , it seems quite similar…well we can say the reason is people sometimes want change …a change for betterment, a change to development, change to new growth…like on the road, change from red to green denotes forward movement towards a destination, a change from standstill to motion , similarly on the political ground it meant movement towards a new beginning, a better Bengal…

  109. Shreyasi

    I know about this..and I love to do light photography too..I spend hours doing this..its fun to be creative this way ..Rabindranath ta durdanto hoeche , nothing to say about it really …about suggestions..why dont u try something like fairies, angels ..night sky ..if background is dark..sparkling light will create beautifull imageries..try out and share soon..good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  110. Alpana Jaiswal

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    nobody wants pain
    but you can’t have a rainbow
    without a little rain…..
    Beautiful picture,and the write up…

  111. Shreyasi

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    you told me fantastic person at heart?who told u that?u mean fantastic mad man who have no heart??????????I would be very glad to hear that…anyway your poem is good,snap better…and the best is if u apply this creativity in yr professional field…that may make me really proud of you bloke though I dont know if u already do it

  114. Anirban

    @Mayukh thank you… you have always encouraged me to do something better and remain humble at heart ๐Ÿ˜€

  115. Anirban

    @Abhik Mukherjee Sir…. I didnt even enter my professional field yet… but when ever it needs these, i shall be more than happy to contribute…

  116. Aakash

    Like this click so mch, wit black nd whit effect…….. n like ur poem too…..
    Spcly this line- A smile seeps in.. his home left behind. The goal far ahead..
    The peace lives with the journey today, Prizes left cold and dead.
    The moment now, is to freeze.

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  119. Rahul Dhavle

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  120. Ankit_j

    that’s just mindblowing stuff dude !! as usual, you’ve come up with yet another masterpiece.. and though you say that you ‘failed miserably’ at writing anything about this pic, i’d say that the description is simply outstanding ! great work buddy ! great !

  121. Anindya

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    never forget their sacrifice..

    Nice work da…nd i luv da pix

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  129. Aaghran

    Very well written……in my opinion also one should not try to change himself for the society to accept him. The society will accept a person depending on what he really is and trying to be someone else is just to fool around yourself only not the society.

    and on the question of should u help the society?. Yes of course its a moral responsibility. Help in a way that is humanely possible and u will surely feel the happiness.

  130. Gaurav Chopra

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  132. I loved it…”love you my way, love you the other way”…
    Loved every bit of it…all so true…the fact that we always love an image, an illusion…very rarely we get the luxury to know the real self..or do we really? Whatever it is…”Stay there, stay far.”…or else it might mangle things up in our meager brain.

  133. Saramita

    gr8…. i have also uploaded sum few pics of this play.. but that prgrm was by BAIKALI.. on sept, 2009 at rabindra sadan…. n hey.. am also frm bcet… kp well


    Awaken from the darkness…Hope is still here…very well picture taken Anirban da. I loved it. ๐Ÿ™‚
    And for the caption I think it should be- Stirring Hopes.

  135. Prosenjeet

    Love the pics. The write up could have been more compact as the title could have been better. Either you talk about the changing expressions in the eyes or the traditional practices that mark suppression of women in some ways. You can’t mix it up ๐Ÿ™‚

  136. Anshul Gautam

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    I never went to mumbai. I wish to visit there some day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  137. Prosenjeet

    Nice reading through your travelogues always. But tell me how could you roll on the FLOOR at Marine Drive? :O ๐Ÿ˜› And by the way, do you remember there’s a certain company called….umm…TCS that wants you to join them on 4th of Jan?

  138. Ashish kumar

    Nice to go through the work of rabindranath tagore.
    Its good that you translated in english so that readers like me, who don’t know bengali at all may have the chance of feeling the essence of his writing…
    Good job anirban bhaiya… Hats off to u.

  139. Namrata Kumari

    Life’s really amazing. One day you feel love for the one, the other, you hate the very person. But still we move on merrily.

    That was too good dada. Aptly named- Introspection.

  140. Diya Basu


    I work with the US Consulate in Kolkata and we are keen to meet with young bloggers in Kolkata over tea/coffee at the American Center soon. Would you email me or call me on 9831054086 so that we can touch base over the phone.

    Thanks Diya

  141. Mayukh Jana

    Thank you Anirban for sharing ur experience.Somehow it will helpfull,So thank you for sharing ur exp…..

    And one thing,plz Dont mind, I’v read the whole passege..I thikn I am ur cls frnd na???????????????????? ๐Ÿ˜›

  142. Harshit Mehta

    I loved reading this.. It was nice.. Got to know what exactly happens after you join TCS..
    I love your attitude towards life.. Getting a gift for Dad was awesome idea.. All the best !!

  143. Anirban

    Its always a pleasure to check your comment on my blog Harshit bhai. Thank you… and yea, attitude towards life is now a function of time ๐Ÿ˜› Lets hope it stays constant for some time ๐Ÿ™‚

  144. shounak roy

    thik thak…..ami biyer chobi khub ekta tulte parina succesfully, onek movement thake, tobe ha jodi ektu boro soro frame nite paris, with lost people, that will make the compostion better, amar oi first chobi ta better legeche, kintu second chobi tar frame ta better hoto, thik dar korate paris ni

  145. Ramkrishna Saha

    Good job done. I alos belong to Nabadwip. Fabulous photos are being added. I think more photos about “Rash Utsav” will help people who are actually want to know about Sri Dham. Take Care


    You have forgotten to list the awardees in the Best Writing on Cinema section from Bengal. Why? Don’t we deserve a mention too? I have won the Best Writing on Cinema Award twice and till date, am the only woman to have won to twice.

  147. Namrata Kumari

    “The less I know, the less of tar The more of you, I love”- is the line I loved the most… it goes with my life. More I investigate or get close to someone, the loop holes starts emerging out. Loving the illusion is what gives me happiness, whereas the reality’s so unattractive.

  148. all the pictures hav great depth…well if i commnt more….all will b laughing….and say…”plz…who are u 2 commnt”…or……”look, whos commnting”……….so all i wud lyk 2 say that u may try ur hand with water reflections of human faces…..before they become a passรฉ

  149. Sunit Mukherjee

    i must say, all thou i have no idea abt the details of photography , but its awsum… The emotions are captured perfectly…more than the techniques used “street lights” and impeccable editing, i luv the actual purpose… i mean the center of attraction… and since i am being told now that the pics are not edited the score just got improved from 10/10 to 11/10… nice work…

  150. arijitH

    excellent representation of expressions. i have always been intrigued by your ability to create subjects… but this article is a wonder piece like many others of yours.

    wonderful work. ๐Ÿ™‚

  151. Sumit Kundu

    thanks a lot dada. It was really nice to have a before hand feeling of the things that one could possibly expect after getting into TCS.

  152. Aniruddha Telang

    Hi Anirban,
    It was great talking to you and refreshing reading your article. Hope to read such things further also and keep in touch ….

  153. Naseef

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  154. Panchali kar

    Really great job.. Innovative.. Each snap has a unique quality and expression of its own.. On a personal note, i didn’t like the green effect in one of the snaps.. How ever its a brilliant effort.. Keep up good work.. Cheers!

  155. Sumedha Ray

    Its really AWSOME…..!!!! Especially their faith in Him and their dedication towards Him is truly notable….!!!

  156. Panchali Kar

    Just one addendum.. While framing, if u require to include a part of any figure, living or non living, be careful how much of the figure you include.. Else corp accordingly.. Please avoid cutting a figure right at any joint..

  157. The most captivating moment is that in which us and the nature, both are stranger to each other; naive to each other’s wilderness.
    You will surely snatch some nice frames on the way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  158. sajal

    sweetest pics you ever clickd dada! Its so refreshing as i got lost in these stainless and upright smiles and found myself with a grin at the end.

  159. Panchali Kar

    Good one.. I personally liked the second snap.. The third one could have been better.. You could have added more photos to this blog post..

  160. Rajarshi Roychowdhury

    The photograph made me nostalgic. You can’t imagine how much I miss the ‘chaos’ which defines Kolkata. The noise, the heat, the rush, the people – I miss everything.

    Excellent photograph btw ๐Ÿ™‚

  161. bee

    the legendary Eric Kim said that if u can feel the street in a photograph its street photography…..u know that i dont believe in jargonish comments, i detest those, i love the pictures. they tell me about the rickshawwallahs of old calcutta. Nice clicks

  162. Koustav Ghosh

    Very nice framing…love the idea and the execution…nice composition…although a little less cropping in bottom may make it better more. I don’t know but told what I felt personally.

  163. Koustav Ghosh

    this series could be about hand-pull rickshawwallahs instead of hand-pull rickshaw. 1st and 2nd frame e rickshaw niye kichu dekha jachhe na…1st frame e rickshaw soft focus e, 2nd frame e rickshaw almost frame er baire…3rd is neat composition…you can do much better.

  164. Essence and the spirit of the festival is captured very well and written very well. I know now, who is going to take me around when I come to Kolkata ๐Ÿ˜‰

  165. Panchali Kar

    If u can differentiate between the first snap and the other two snaps in this post, u’ll understand what i meant to say in your photography page. Neways good job indeed. It has got a natural feel.

  166. Ayos Ghosh

    your pictures are truly magnanimous…your work in the pictures very skilled and full of professionalism . And m quite grateful that i came across a person who is like born to make great photographs…wish u luck dada ๐Ÿ™‚

  167. Sayantan Saha

    Anyone who has a continuous smile on his face conceals a toughness that is almost frightening… ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  168. Raz Dee

    I have always loved ur pic compositions and the portraits being class apart… wd like to feature in one as well ..whenever tht might be.. cz its nvr too late ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

  169. Santanu Ray

    Just gone through….yet to fathom….get going & you’ll definitely reach your goal some day ..soon….I am a photo love & liked your works a lot….

  170. Andrea

    I prefer the one in the inset, but both portraits make me uncomfortable though. The intimate pose of a man of a certain age is unsettling. You are expected to respect elders, not see their humanity.

    The inset one, you’ve processed to make it look like ‘sleeping baby’ type portraits. Interesting effect. A bit more accessible, that one.

  171. Pooja Goyal

    I was a part of the protest rally yesterday and i agree at the begining of the rally of felt as if for what the people have come here but once after crossing planetorium it felt like real protest rally…And what indian government is doing with delhi protestors is really shameful.AB TO INSAAF LEKE RAHENGE

  172. Rahul

    Awsum coverage.
    Got loads of info about this whole event.
    Keep posting these kind of materials in your blog and obviouly dont forget to inform me.
    I wil luv to read them…

  173. Avishek Rakshit

    Like i always say Anirbanda, your pictures make me think of a new dimension.. It’s something which is beyond extraordinary..

  174. sumana


    I am always a fan of your photographic talent and your friend is also awesome… and I must once again admit the fact that I absolutely loved these shots…

  175. Aritra Das

    Its soo heart warming. Seriously.
    Loved it as always. There’ve hardly been any such thing with u in the picture, that Ive disapproved of. I loved it start to finish. Special mention – all the boshonto utshob pics as well as the 4th last pic. I cant begin to tell you how colorful I feel having gone through such pages. Sharing it for sure and sending the link across too.