1. I disagree with u on this. The media is there to potray the real state of affairs and they are doing there job. The prep of CWG was sham and it was the duty of the media to show where and how the Rs.70000 Crores of Public money was spent and the truth behind the ‘state-of-the-art’ and ‘World Class’ facilities that the Govt. and Kalmadi was talking about. The media did the right job and today’s World where news travels faster then light the Western Media got the stuff easily. The Indian media did its job quite well and efficiently. What ‘Brand India’ are u talking about. A country where 70% of the population lives on less the Rs.20 a day that ‘Brand India’. CWG is a stupid image building exercise. If Rs.70000 Crores was spent on grassroots level in sport it would have been money spent level.

  2. The rooms are still not clean and there the bed of an Indian athlete break down what can the media? If the CWG officials still commit blunder after blunder with just few days to go, should the media stop coveraging it?? Hello, we are not China and North Korea or a Cuba! We are a democracy and having such a vibrant media is a part of being Democratic. The media or we just cannot close our eyes and say ‘Aal izz Well’ and the officials carry on with there stupidity!

  3. Its like we called 100 guests in our house to have dinner and 5 of then didn’t get to eat as the food got exhausted. 95% got to eat and only 5% went back hungry. Is thet okay with you? It won’t bring disrepute to you and your family as 5 went back hungry? Its not about how many broke, its why even one broke? A simple bed and these people are even handling security, God help these games!

  4. I agree, in part! One, western world wants to see India the way they have always perceived us to be. They believe India is exactly like what is portrayed in Slumdog Millionnaire. And want it to remain so.

    Indian media on the other hand, tends to go overboard at times. I do agree with you, Indian media must showcase our positives and highlight all the achievements that usually get swept under the carpet, simply because they are not as ‘spicy’ or ‘raking TRPs’ as negative news. Our news channels must, MUST, focus on highlighting the good aspects of daily life. At the same time, I don’t think it would be fair, to brush the CWG scam under the carpet, just to save our face before the western audience. That way, our politicians will just get away scot free, as they have always been doing!!

    So its a very fine balancing act, which, sadly Indian media has failed to do, because they always focus more on negative and less on positive aspects.

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