NEN eweekindia, BCET wrap up!

Well I wont go into details.. we are no more the National Champions..never the less we are obliged being the runners up for the same.
But this year it was a good team… like that of 2009, and I loved being a part of it.
Many many people worked, many of who’s names aren’t even known to me.. But few names have struck me , mersmerising /shocking and taking me by a surprise.

First name should be Tanumeeta Ghosh (1st year, BBA) .. “over smart” is how everyone describes her (so does Abhinaba da) but nevertheless very promising… (agrees Abhinaba da).She has been great all through out… she worked hard, without fruitful end results. But she managed all my belongings, things which I usually forget and they usually gets misplaced! She can write really well and all her energy needs a direction.

Anand Raj – perhaps a guy who would stay very near to my heart for his lively nature. Very hard to predict what he is from the inside… but I believe, he has the potential to make it real BIG in his life, whichever field he might belong to, and I assume that he is a very good person at heart. I have no reasons to think otherwise!

Sayon Kumar Saha (shy-On): The guy who would walk with a girl down the lane, only to make her walk a bit more so that he could make her wait and stand outside a shoe-store for him to buy his own socks! A fantastic photographer with a fab cam nevertheless… very shy… but he talks over phone!

The next names that are coming to my mind are Nikesh, Sourav Sircar,  Saloni, Anamitra.

Nikesh – Where was this guy this long? He is a true star.. a superb person at heart.. a fantastic guy to work with ! I wish to work with him a bit more!

Sourav Sircar – the miraculous guy… truely entrepreneurial, responsible, hard working… started working and sharing my responsibilities… finally replacing me.. and what a way. Loved him working ! (it was such a relief !)

Saloni (1st yr, AEIE) – bundle of energy, superb spirit..almost a fantastic attitude, good worker… by why does she shifts to hindi when it comes to fluent public speaking (after getting excited!) ?? Nya… not approved by me…and that she wants to be an entrepreneur after she retires from work! :O

Anamitra (1st yr, BT) – Too much energy, too good… but dude, you require correct guidance. Dont go ashtray! Superb speaking ability, management of time, team management.. way to go !

Sambadi (1st yr, BT) – dunno what to tell about this guy! So I will keep shut!

Do I need to speak about Pulkit?? He is the best person I have worked with till now. I could have never imagined him as the person he has developed himself to be today, when he joined the ecell in 2009. He is immensely mature guy now, who at work comfortably compliments me. We understand each others frequency… but dude, never let me part my biryani! 🙁

Abhishek Adhikary –  I had always been all praise for this guy before… but dude, you require correct guidance… very hard worker that he is, he is just steps away from being excellent.

Vishal – I am not worthy of speaking about this guy, else he might show me a copy of his achievements! But yes, this guy is a super hard worker.. and again needs a good and correct mentor. He is superb, but no one should wish his energy to be mis represented.

Nandan (thats the name, If I am not wrong) – leader of the first years! bro… give a patient hearing! you are good, obidient but very restless!

Brijesh (2nd yr) – You are such a star. Ecell requires you!

Abhishek Sural – Thou art my all time favourite voice… dont leave anchoring!

Rakesh and Shriya – Both of you are superb to look at, to work with.. you both compliment each other so very efficiently… cheers!

Aman (1st yr, BBA) – dont be a “neta”, we need you as an anchor!

Sneha, Surya, Subhodeep, Seema, Nisha, Neha , Vikas– you all are champs!

That shall be it with the round of applause and thank you’s…. This time we had Mr Arijit Chattacharya (founder, VirtualInfocom) Mr Abhinaba Dey(founder, Avow group) Mr Kamanashish Roy (founder,webprachar) Mr Sumit Datta (founder, Pixlie), Mr B Achari (renouned social activist) Mr S K Bhattacharya (teacher) Dr Sudha Singh (researcher) with us at the campus! for Shubhas’ blog click here!

tadaz! and dont  ask me questions! This was the last year of eweek for me as a student. I missed my team_2009 a bit more than I should have! 😉

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