1. Zishan

    Sharing my THOUGHTS:

    Well to start with the first question!! Photography for me is a means preserve all the precious moments I experience! I started clicking way back when in Grade 10! with a film camera, then a point shoot with the idea that it gives better picture quality and better coverage! 2yrs back i bought a DSLR with my first salary! The reason being i wanted better pics and a camera which can zoom in further into what i wana shoot!

    Before that I met the blogger on facebook saw his photos liked them! Met him after a year and a half! we went out for a photowalk! thats the first time ever with somebody! Joined “Amateur Photographer Unit Pan India” whr i first came to know about “The rule of thirds” wondered whats tht read learnt still on learning process 🙂 Later the photowalk initiative kind of became a regular thing! Started learning about framing and composition! this is when i started thinking before shooting! Next joined “The Meetup Group : Photography Discussions” met many people out thr made friends! This is where I started learning more about photography which helped and still helping a lot :)( I consider myself as a learner who loves shooting Landscapes, Cityscape)Recently joined “Journal of Indian Photography” ummmm and this place happened to be the first place where for the first time i ever submitted my photos for a contest 🙂

    To some it may be a Fad! but, to others its a hobby which may turn into something serious, to rest its a serious profession and they do work hard for it!

    U click u analyze if u feel its worth sharing u share! u open it to others for reviews u learn! if u 🙂

  2. Antony from Photography Directory

    Well, should we blame it on the digital world? Oh, you love coding too. But that’s a great post you have written my friend.

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