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It has been quite a while since I last updated my blog… and its time I update it with my life’s update..
First of all… I need to thank Techshu.
I have completed my 8 weeks of internship from Techshu. More than anyone else, I feel I should thank Mr Prabhanjan Panigrahi, who was patient enough with me and the numberless mistakes that I made during the 8 weeks. The atmosphere of Techshu is way different from the ones I had worked with till now. It is friendly beyond the limit that can be expected of, never compromising with the work. There were evenings when I had to work till 9:30 pm.. Mr Panigrahi always had been there with me.. in a way am missing the maggi, that we used to make at times when we fell short of rice or rotis at the office!
The first day at work was co incidentally my birthday too.. and I had a surprise birthday treat the next day as per TST (Techshu standard time)..
As of now, my laptop is not at all working and the project too is at halt. 

I have this site, and till now, I didn’t find time to sit and to focus on its look and feel.. A lot of ideas spinning in my mind, nothing taking shape. Right now, I am infrastructurally challenged.

[Techfest and controversy]
there were misunderstandings between sections of third year regarding the techfest and my inclusion to it. The problem arouse when aritra spoke of it knowing exactly nothing concrete of it to other batchmates of mine. anyway they were cleared that very day when the entire students body sat together..and to be on the safer side, I did finally pull out of it… and once again – sorry ankit and rajat!

Not till the 30th of August, I never even danced in my dreams, nor in the bathroom … not in any sort of room… so if I say –Dancing on stage was a dream come true, it will be entirely false. 😛
On 30th, I saw Sayani practising with her group. I noticed them for quite some time and then once approached, I thought of giving it a try. And try it was, I practised for the next 3 days and performed on the foundation day.

[The dress up]
The dress up was funny, and in a way indecent. For the first time I had my tie knot hanging so low to my chest, and I wore a cap that hardly made my hairline visible… and I had my shirt tucked out! Anyway first time… but I think I was looking cool. I have no intention to try it again sometime soon.

[The all rounder fiasco]
I guess few readers of my batch may be searching for this section. I was supposed to be given the best all rounder award. It was withheld after a group of my batchmates expressed their disappointment in writing to the director of the college. To be clear, I had no talk regarding this before it was announced, and even after it was announced. It came to me as a surprise and it went away from me as another surprise. Nothing changed in between… It was the management’s decision to award me with the certificate and I wish no ill feelings towards me by my batchmates regarding this issue. I prefer to remain aloof from any college matter. And I wish my relation with the authorities doesn’t change either.

[Tara pith visit]
As is the custom.. me, dad, maa and didi went to tara pith, like any other year. This year, something was different. Perhaps this wasn’t exactly me there… There were way too many questions that was popping up in my mind, the answers weren’t really satisfactory. I discovered newer lows in my personality, things that has kept me thinking for quite some time now.

I had a nice presentation of my internship at the college. There were many questions asked, [none of them were exactly technical, to my surprise] and I answered them to their satisfaction… and once again thank you Mr Panigrahi who had been such supportive as to put the files to the production just for my presentation.

[right now]
My facebook profile again got hacked, and now I know that this person is from BCET. In a way, I wish it comes back to me. Am on my bed peacefully, in this infrastructurally challenged place.. 😛 but I am happy amidst so many tension and disappointments… my focus has changed, my short term goals achieved. I have actually made my way to the goal and have achieved it. Now, I am making newer goals… and newer strategies to achieve it.. none could comprehend it earlier… and none shall even now [:P]

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I'm now a student of MS in Data and Knowledge Engineering, in Otto-von-Guericke Universitat Magdeburg, in Germany. I like exploring newer places and their culture. Stay connected on the social media.


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