1. Shriparna Saha

    Was present there at the session and was looking forward to your standpoint on the topic apart from the panelists. The time allotted was really short. Wanted to know from the panel, how responsible is the blogger to its audience or how much is it bogged down by the popular taste. Was also curious about the status of the RTI you filled about “hindi version of the national anthem” as the India Year Book 2016, by the I & B Ministry still contains the same info that you objected to.

    • Dear Shriparna,
      I thank you for your comment.
      a. I wish I could find the time to talk about my standpoint and speak about Kolkata Bloggers. My stand point would be – Social Media promotion would take you places but not keep you there. The content would make sure you sustain. The initial push has to be of the social media.
      b. Blogger to its audience: Varied opinions. In the travellers meet as well, I spoke of how I write. I do not write travelogues. This site is not a travel site as well. The tone of my posts is conversational – “How would I talk to my own brother or relate my incidents to my brother?” is the question I ask every time I write the post. These days, I have however become slightly formal. (This is a good blog post topic) Bogging down to the popular taste is also okay, if you are adding value to the readers.
      c. This should be a blog post. I thank you for reminding me.
      Stay connected. Let’s brain storm some day.

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