The Profile Picture Business

We live in a social world. Not surprising, most of our photographs consist of people… and of faces, mainly friends.
..And trust me ! They love to change their Facebook profile pictures and that too quite often.
I like the way they feel happy when they see their photographs.
And who does not want (the newest craze) “Likes” to their Facebook profile pictures ?
The happiest person …is ALWAYS the photographer 🙂 😛

Showcasing few Profile Picture I have shot and that went on to become either the highest “like”d Profile Picture or one of the top 3 highest ones. (Sort of Bragging, yes… but go through)

The photographer brings smile on your face by photographing you.
Give the proper photograph courtesy, bring a smile on his face as well.
Dipak PandeyRajarshi BhadraDeeptish LahiriPratiti BiswasSaurish LahiriSuman Iyanger ChatterjeeAnnesha PaulKiranmoy SarkarSayon Kumar SahaHarshit MehtaPoulami BandhopadhyayArpit SahaPratiti BiswasNagesh SahuRoshan SinghSayon Kumar Saha
Roshan SinghZishan azadRimbik Dassaurish lahiri
Achira SahaSayantan SahaSaranipa BannerjeeSangeeta Majumdar
Rimbik DasSaurish LahiriRaj RoyToushik Basu
Sukanya SanyalAchira DasguptaShrija BannerjiGovind Damani
DipakSurya Shekhar ChakravartySayan BhattacharyaAnandarup
Arpit Sah

Update : 07.09.2013
Adrija MukherjeeSanchari Ghosh
Update : 09.03.2014
Feel free to ask me to photograph you 🙂
I love the smile, when you see it turn out to be something good.
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