1. Aurindam

    The points are pretty nice. But people from remote villages have voted for Mamata as CM..

    Lets see what happens.

  2. Abhisek Panda

    Anirban What Bengal what Orissa what Mumbai…everywhere the politics is same……we need some serious dedication 😀

  3. Abhay Shah

    is this a joke??
    how can an educated person, moreover a future professional say this in favor of mamata banerjee??
    she a poltergeist for industries n industrialists…she gets the credit for implementing nitish singh’s plans…an outright joke she is in d political fracas.
    no sense whatsoever of mannerisms or parliamentary ways. The congress party is gonna suffer very soon for having tried to feed the croc with the hand. in her years in the opposition all she has done is put her big foot in between the closing doors of progressive deals and decisions…dirtiest and cheapest politics i have ever witnessed…not that i am a pro cpm supporter..i hate there politics with equal contempt..but at least their measures were progressive..how they dealt with the opposition was their own headache, and i couln’t seem to care less..

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