1. Vijayanand S

    Hi Anirban, I loved reading this blog. I just arrived in Magdeburg last evening and will be leaving tomorrow morning. Came here to meet my son who is doing his Studienkolleg program here since Mar2019.

    I would love him to connect with you and learn more about life here.

  2. Richa

    Hello I’m planning for studienkolleg in this place please can you tell me something about your son’s experience? Or perhaps provide me his email id so that I can contact him directly. I’m going there this September

  3. Matthias

    Hey Anirban,
    you are still living in Magdeburg? I am looking for a German – Indian Association. Magdeburg is more closed to my home then Berlin.
    Regards Matthias.

  4. Sheba

    Hello Anirban,
    I went through your write up and it was really helpful. Am a prospective student of Otto Von university Magdeburg, I applied this year but didn’t get admission but hoping to try again. Thank you for your piece

  5. Safran

    খুব ভালো লিখেছেন ভাই। আমি এই সামার সেশন এ অ্যাপ্লাই করেছি মাস্টার্স প্রোগ্রাম এ । আমি আপনার কাছে জানতে চাচ্ছিলাম Magdeburg শহরে পড়াশুনার পাশাপাশি চাকরির কেমন সুযোক আছে? আমি বাংলাদেশ থেকে আসছি । আপনি যেহেতু কলকাতার তাই বাংলায় লিখলাম ?।

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