1. Shambo

    Very-well written-I dunno somehow it reminded of Rituparno Ghosh movies-which usually has a free-flowing storyline which is usually open-ended(no definite beginning n no definite end)… But does manage to convey wat it intends to…

  2. VenuG

    ei chobi aj key shobai songe hoyeche

    truly realistic

    ***************disclaimer the story or characters mentioned here are totally imaginary!!!
    andy resemblance to any person living or dead is purely co_inciddentaaal Baabba

    but then this happens universally

    jei girfriend na hobey to loki gay janey

    hobey to boka hoye jabey

    jey gf/relationship na thakbey
    to Signaturer bikri Bondo
    Bar ta bondo


    Moral of the story
    Its better to love and die
    than not love at all

    Par Mundya seedhiyaan siddhiyaan Gallan Kraa Kkarro Tussan
    But Boy you talk straight!!
    Pahelyaan na bujhaya karo
    Dont create riddles !!!
    Na Ttey kudi haath ton nikal jaaniya
    Or else the gal will give u a slip 🙂
    feyr bella baithey baithey Kamli di trah Ithey-Utthey Trogey
    Or else you will roam like a madcap on streets to & fro like a wolf in his den

  3. Aritra

    kept on wishing this story goes on and on for the rest of the night.
    was such an endearing experience going thru it but i guess it wont be fair to keep gauranga (or watever his real name is) hungry for long.
    awesum work anirban a.k.a. writer-who-brings-a-smile-to-my-face.

  4. Tania Biswas

    awesum…..romantic nd at d same tym fynny too………..loved it while reading….keep supplying dis kind of stories to d readers……:-)

  5. Arvind kumar

    it’s really nice and hope this kind of post u will continue to write in ur blogs…….
    really enjoyed it..though i faced a bit prblm in understanding some of bengali sentences bt going through it two times it becam clear to me and den realized dat those sentences really gives life to ur blog….great job..would like to read this type of blogs more..

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