Being Anirban

Being Anirban is always fun, from making mistakes and to correcting it… and sometimes making epic wins! Trust me being Anirban is never boring!
Everything in this world interests me.. every new thing interests me… and I am game for any new venture. My friends call me freaky and fickle minded… and I dont mind being called one. “Pagalpanti” is the word that describes me…
I associate myself with two colours – the Gold and the Black. The Gold signifies glory, lustre.. and the black shows dept and sophistication.
These days my favourite passion has become to secure my laptop and my online identity, out of compulsion… being hacked by someone number of times! 😛
If not this, I stay glued to News web portals, Facebook, Twitter… I stick to my laptop and my mobile phone when I am at home… while my mom runs after me with food..
At College, I am a responsible guy who runs the Entrepreneurship Resource Planning cell and somewhat manages to run the College Magazine and snip into every college matter!
I am a monotheist. Born a Hindu, I am inclined towards Christianity and Jainism equally. I believe in the philosophies of Sri Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa Dev, and the voice of Swami Vivekananda.
I am a eggiterian.. .. and I love snapping pictures and listening to Indian Classical fusion remains my favourite timepass…
Enough said…. let my friends speak the rest for me !