1. sumana


    I am always a fan of your photographic talent and your friend is also awesome… and I must once again admit the fact that I absolutely loved these shots…

  2. Aritra Das

    Its soo heart warming. Seriously.
    Loved it as always. There’ve hardly been any such thing with u in the picture, that Ive disapproved of. I loved it start to finish. Special mention – all the boshonto utshob pics as well as the 4th last pic. I cant begin to tell you how colorful I feel having gone through such pages. Sharing it for sure and sending the link across too.

  3. Andrea

    I can’t tell you what part of this I loved more than any other. It was all beautiful. Thank you for hosting. 🙂

  4. preeti roychoudhury

    Once again, I find the earnestness of every emotion captured in every frame. The blogs were poetic n I feel the jyotsnaar alo on holi casts its spell on even non holi enthusiasts like me. Inspiring stuff people!

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