1. arijit halder

    focus ta ektu beshi soft hoye geche… very well captured moment. erokom moment er more than one snap nile khub bhalo output pawa jaay.

  2. Rahul Dhavle

    it is a part of life dear….and similarly we all are in a boat without a rudder , we dont know where we r going n where we want to go …what’s our Destiny but still we leave n enjoy our life till the last breath………..

  3. Ankit_j

    that’s just mindblowing stuff dude !! as usual, you’ve come up with yet another masterpiece.. and though you say that you ‘failed miserably’ at writing anything about this pic, i’d say that the description is simply outstanding ! great work buddy ! great !

  4. Anindya

    Well I would like to say a drop falling into that water can create huge vibration into it.Like that one small incident like that drop can cause lots of change into your life but ultimately life get back to it’s own and we move on.

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