1. sayani m

    Something vital was missing in the film. Inspite of the fact that it was supposed to be laden with emotiom…a vital emotion was missing. Perhaps, it was the placid reaction of Basu’s wife on realising how deeply he was involved with the director. Or perhaps, it was the tasteless and at times unperceivable humour. Something was amiss. Direction was below the standard that the film had set for itself, thanks to Rituparno’s brilliant acting. Some scenes n events remain unexplained…like the haircut one…n its not intellectual.
    Except the Radha song, most others sounded out of place.
    Am still not sure if i should call the movie good. But yes, it definitely was not bad.

  2. Atmaja

    i agree with you…while watching the movie i thought the subject of the movie was rituporno and how well he can actually mimic a stylish woman…!the audience targeted in this movie couldn’t be determined..even rituporno(as a director) lovers…were astounded by the poor story line..was it a comparison between chapal and rituporno’s love life?or was it a demonstration of how gay people who have reached heights can actually come up on screen,with no acting skills…whatsoever..!

  3. priyasmita

    one thing u missed,i think,is the complexities of sexual behaviour of human beings,like the film,at some points,stressed on not to define one individual by one definite sexual preference.being a ‘nari’ and a ‘purush’ has been the only limitations of gender accepted by the “sushil somaj”.but this film stretched that definition a little beyond and forces on creating a separate identity,that is a human..not ‘he’ or ‘she’..i can remember of one scene right at this moment-where abhiroop forces a crew to call him obhi when he is perplexed how to call abhiroop,abhi da,or abhi di..these interestingly free zones coming up in bangla film industry is no doubt,a treat

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