1. bee

    the legendary Eric Kim said that if u can feel the street in a photograph its street photography…..u know that i dont believe in jargonish comments, i detest those, i love the pictures. they tell me about the rickshawwallahs of old calcutta. Nice clicks

  2. Koustav Ghosh

    this series could be about hand-pull rickshawwallahs instead of hand-pull rickshaw. 1st and 2nd frame e rickshaw niye kichu dekha jachhe na…1st frame e rickshaw soft focus e, 2nd frame e rickshaw almost frame er baire…3rd is neat composition…you can do much better.

  3. Panchali Kar

    If u can differentiate between the first snap and the other two snaps in this post, u’ll understand what i meant to say in your photography page. Neways good job indeed. It has got a natural feel.

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