Blessed bliss

By April 1, 2011 20 Comments

Innocent playfulness. The smile means the world for me and I can risk my life for one glimpse of it. A life for the sudden pull, the cuddle, the gentle rubbing of noses… warm air swirling around us, the smile fading to the sudden rush of breath.
Us together, the world aside, the deadlines pushed to the dark while the wind blew. Holding ourselves to completeness, promising a life to the death, a fill to the void, together searching for a meaning in our hollow emptiness of being. All sealed with the kiss.
A believe locked in that while, a promise made, the search ended. Submitting ourselves, merging into the one…loosing senses to the superfluous passion of being.

The love has woken us up to the open doors of the white, flooding the room with the dazzle..the white of the moment, the whitest white of the blessed bliss.

  • Alpana Jaiswal

    Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning…and I wish true love for you. This is so beautiful,pure…I love it.

  • Jidhu Jose

    The love has woken us up to the open doors of the white,…….nice post man

  • melissa

    is this the semi-rated a post? next question… is this fiction or reality? :P… how could one write something so well… geez… you’re a prodigy…i won’t be writing in details…i might give a semi-rated a comment 😛

  • Abhisek Panda

    Love is something that when touches you changes your world forever.I wish you all the very best in your love life.Beautiful and pure for sure 😀

  • savar

    Saale talented aadmi!! U gave love a whole meaning!! Not just the crappy physicality involved!!

  • Saurabh Mitra

    First time felt what love must have been!!!! after reading this!!!!!Awesome bro…..keep it up!!!!

  • Anirban

    @all thank you.
    @melissa hahaha! yea, my semi A rated post. Generally I revolved round and round about love, but never wrote about the passion of it, thats some other side to my writing… tried expressing it in my own way this time!

  • sancheeta biswas

    lust is incomplete without love and love remains unsatiated without lust. the combo pack is rocking………write more ^-^.

  • Mrinalini Kasturia

    this is awesome! i am amazed by your new pieces of have filled in the emotions of love in this piece..i love it!

  • Mrinalini Kasturia

    I am completely mesmerized by this piece Anirban! It is so deep and philosophical. It left me speechless for a while because I got so into if I could feel the love between the two people.

  • Vipin Baliga

    Brilliant write up man..!!!
    Loved every bit of it…

    Keep them coming… 🙂

  • somsekhar

    Your article is really good dada 🙂 i think you should keep on writing articles like this.

  • baishakhi roy

    i cnt cmnt on it………as it make me speechless………..thnks anirban

  • Avirup

    It was a nice one.I really felt that,quite touchy…Thank You Anirban Da….:)

  • Sounak

    Awsme note..!!!!Ur note reminds me of a Bn Jovi song….!!!!

  • Suvhrajit

    Beautifully written..gave love a new meaning… 🙂

  • Tanumeeta

    True…pure..enchanting……loved it while reading…:-)

  • Rishav

    nyc 1…….but its a lil bothrsome to find a prsn who means ol of it…A writr duzn 4 sure….A grt article though…Bravo Anirban…thumbs up

  • Simran

    Wow! Anirban,
    You have a great talent to express the things so beautifully and effectively!
    Loved it!

    Keep Expressing !!
    Take care 🙂

  • Aritra

    truly inspiring @nirban !!
    a few questions sometimes even i think of :- why is a last “bye” in person always special even after several telephonic “byess” ? Why do we fall in luv and with only that special person ?? why do we get philosophical when talking of luv ? few questions remain unanswered which make them even more special. your blogs do that to me !!
    keep it up.

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