• Anirban

      To both the Sayani’s … Thank you… Lemme introduce each Other to you both… This is Sayani Mukherjee and this is Sayani Nandi…!!

    • admin

      Thank you Nisha, this is an old piece that I wrote when I was making a new start to my life… I hope anyone who does that shall connect to it.

  1. Arvind kumar

    i liked d way u hv described the asocitaion of hope and despair wid the lyf of a person..in a moment man hopes to get more nd better bt in d other moment he he despairs that he will get nothing…bt in d mid u change context saying u hope to find a way to god.
    it would hv been better if u would hv described only d drama that hope and despair plays wid d lyf..
    howevr u wrote it nicely..well done!!kudos!!

    • Anirban

      because arvind I feel, all merges with the almighty at the end.. I personally feel anything that I do is ultimately for the almighty and after all our deed we have to find the way to divinity!

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