Light painting: just an attempt.

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While explaining few stuff to Pratik Shivagunde, we decided upon trying something out: Light painting.

The concept was relatively easy. All that were required were, a camera with a manual mode where ISO was set at the minimum value, the “f” (1/f is the aperture , correct me if I am wrong) value was put to the maximum. A dark room and lots of patience were required. Now the only other thing that were left was  : Shutter speed. Slow shutter means, the camera will be exposed to the outside light for long. Fast shutter means, the shutter opens and closes very fast, freezing the moment, while slow shutter speed meant, it will go on accepting light.  Now when its a dark room, and theres no other light than the light source, it tracks the source of light. Which ever way you move the light, the path of the light gets traced resulting in patterns created by the source of light. This was the concept, and it was way after midnight.
I tried out hearts, stars with candles. The shutter speed I used ranged from 3 seconds to 30 seconds (thats the max permissible in my camera) You can view them at the facebook album : here.

Then I bought a torch to try out neater sketches. I tried out making the Trinamool congress logo 😛 for I believed it to be tougher than the rest.
trinamool, trinamul, congress, west bengal, politics

Well then struck the idea to make something really tough. This is what I have come up with :
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It took me around 2 hours and numberless attempts to make this, and people appreciated my efforts 🙂 I am trying newer things. Well to check more light paintings you might like to visit or check the light painting page at the Facebook 😉  Give me more ideas friends, ideas of what can be sketched in the dark with a white light.. and leave your views also.

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  • sancheeta biswas

    anirban, if you can draw Rabindranath Tagore, how about trying Monalisa?

    you are a big dreamer and you have the zeal to prove it more bigger. wish you all the best in life.

  • Alpana Jaiswal

    As I said,you are the best..this is something out of the world..keep your talent and passion always in the will always succeed in life.

  • Abhisek Panda

    As I said before Anirban.You are super talented and you use your time properly.What could be a better example of your artistic abilities than this.Simply superb art 😀

    I think you should try creating some more portraits.

  • jim

    Really interesting..I have never tried this but might need to try it..I started following you

  • Anky

    This is awesomee … bt didnt get the concept … kaise kia ye =O

    • Anirban

      let the shutter open. go infront of the lens and start moving the light source (torch/candle) and by the time the shutter closes, (shutter time: 3to 30 secs) you will get the pattern!

  • Anky

    OMG u made ds this ranbindranath thingy in dese secs ??? =O =O

    • Anirban


  • Prateek

    Darun laglo dada..

  • Prateek

    Darun laglo..

  • Abhijit Debnath

    simply elegant art ..dis kinda art is hardy seen in dis days // perfectly executed ..preciously its a treasure ..thumps up !! ….

  • This is simply awesome. Great show of patience and effort. I’m impressed with Rabindranath Thakur and I believe this has taken a lot of hard work and patient, but the portrait is superb. Keep on experimenting.

  • pratik shivagunde

    are dada bomb..!!

  • piechurski

    Ok , those light painting photos are hot !!!!

    let me show you my video you my video that is mixing photo light painting & stop motion.
    It would be great to let me know what you think .
directed by Omar piechurski

  • Meda Mcgray

    I am really enjoying the theme/design of your site. Do you ever run into any browser compatibility issues? A number of my blog readers have complained about my website not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Opera. Do you have any tips to help fix this issue?

  • Shreyasi

    I know about this..and I love to do light photography too..I spend hours doing this..its fun to be creative this way ..Rabindranath ta durdanto hoeche , nothing to say about it really …about suggestions..why dont u try something like fairies, angels ..night sky ..if background is dark..sparkling light will create beautifull imageries..try out and share soon..good luck 🙂

    • Anirban

      ohk! will try… aaro kichu ideas de na 😀