1. You missed Pailan. You also missed George Telegraph. Manindra Chandra college is good for journalism. Bhawans and ju both are old names in mass communication and journalism. But, they award PG diploma, and not degrees.

    I taught Mass Communication UG and PG this year at Loyola College Hyderabad. There, as well as, in wlc Kolkata where I taught photography and screenplay to media studies students, I saw a common, disturbing trend. Students want quick success. As a result, the presentation and the content politics – the ideology – become disturbingly homogeneous.

    However, there are brilliant sparks even in that homogeneity. I really loved Rimbik’s stop motion. Nice control of light and movement. Nice visual storytelling.

  2. There’s this other field which everyone forgets when talking about creative/media industries – the video game industry. Globally, it’s larger than all other entertainment industries, but has only a small presence in India, and virtually non-existent in India.

    There may be no shortage of talent, but there is a massive shortage of scope, awareness and institutes to refine that raw talent. Heck, from personal experience – there’s a lack of awareness about what game design really is in a lot of those very institutes that claim to teach game design here. They confuse game art with game design.

    I wrote an answer on Quora sometime ago on this, so might as well leave it here: http://www.quora.com/How-do-I-build-a-game-development-career-in-India

  3. Kenneth Cyrus

    Interesting and a much needed article but Institutes from other fields in media such as filmmaking, music, sound/audio engineering, animation, game and design have been ignored. A much more comprehensive coverage would have helped.

  4. rangan dey

    The article is really very good. But the thing which I want to know is, how to attract agencies for recruitment or what are the ways by which I could get a good job, as the institutes might not provides us with campusing.

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