• saurabh shubham

      Hi Anirban

      Thanks for your blogs. They were very informative.

      I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with a work experience of 2 years in the IT industry with an interest in the field of Data Science.

      Having a decent academic record throughout my career, what are mt acceptance chances in the DKE program at OVGU?

      Also, is OVGU a TU or an university of applied sciences?

      Ph: **********(If you’d like to connect over WhatsApp)

  1. Heebah

    Hi Anirban,

    Is it mandatory to have Applied Statistics in our bachelors?
    Also, my IELTS score is 6. Is it enough?
    Any other relevant you may provide. I am planning for Winter 2020.

    • Heebah

      Also, Let me know my chances to get in on the basis of my profile.
      My Profile:
      Bachelors in CS with 8.04CGPA.
      1 Paper published in IJCA.
      IELTS: 6
      Work Experience: 2 Years
      Decent Lop and SOP

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