1. Priyajit Hazra

    Well described and those captured colorful moments are simply representing the richness of this cultural heritage. Being a bengali can feel the fragrance of it.(বেশ ভালো লেগেছে).

  2. preeti roychoudhury

    The richness of the colours emerge from every snapshot. Well done. Though I have never played Holi, I enjoy observing people partake the joys of this festival. Your snapshots provided me with one more window onto this celebration 🙂

  3. Bonani Dhar

    Boshonto Utsav,an Uniqueness given by the great poet in celebration of the joy of life,the new beginning,the evolving of beauty.Its so beautifully captured in a Rabindra Sangeet,”eki laboney purno pran pran e sohye, anondo Boshonto Shomagome…” Boshonto utsav is indeed celebration of life leaving behind a ray of smile, an eternal happiness.

  4. Trinath Ghosh

    This blog was if great help. I am looking forward to join the celebration at thakurbari this year. Now as a photographer.. What camera equipment do u suggest..I have a basic 18-55 a 50 1.8d and a 28-80 .
    And at what time does the celebrations begin ?
    Thanks for your help 😀

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