1. Abhisek

    Nice snap Anirban….there’s grain…the droplet should be crystal clear….but it’s ok….looks like it’s a window grill or something….if I am not wrong.Keep clicking 😀

  2. Anirban

    Jim, i didnot reduce the noise here… the noise is here because of the constraints of my camera/ and more over this is a cropped portion.

    Abhishek Panda da…:D Da, gift me a camera now 😛

  3. jim

    lol we all want the next best camera… Do you know that you can try out many software programs for free usually for 2 to 4 weeks.

  4. saurav

    light painting, could u plz explain? N wat camera do u use to get the droplets so fine? Am an enthusiast. Wud like 2 no. Butiful pics, bdw.

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