1. Andrea

    No, Tagore is not for every Tom, Dick, and Harry. But the mind that appreciates him is not connected to a particular income level or family pedigree. It is those who do not connect, do not respect his work to do it justice, those who do not strive to understand despite the complexity, who his work is not for. And I should know as I am grasping so little of the meaning but am ever striving forward to learn more and understand more. Perhaps he is not for me, but I want to merit it.

    As far as experiments and modernity, I think people try too hard to experiment. We will bring novelty to Tagore’s works simply by living in the 21st century and imbibing the world around us; no need to think hard to experiment with rap versions or dubstep. It is precisely those who would make the quick buck off Tagore, who would thoughtlessly remix his words and music just to release a Pujo album, who Tagore is not for.

    There is a compilation called E Jibon Punnyo Karo that is filled with modern and transcendent renditions of Rabindrasangeet. It doesn’t try too hard to be hip or edgy; it is just musicians doing what they naturally do best. I find this very authentic; the notations are respected but a fresh take on the songs is still there. I have not listened to any other contemporary Rsbindrasangeet album that has come close.

  2. Subhashis Majumdar

    EXPERIMENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME. BUT THE VERY FACT THAT WE HAVE ALL CHOSEN TO EXPERIMENT WITH TAGORE GOES TO PROVE THAT WE WANT TO CHOSE OUR “SAMPLES” IN THE EASIEST POSSIBLE WAY . IF ONE TALKS ABOUT BENGALI MUSIC, ONE CAN SURELY RECOLLECT THE GOLDEN ERA OF THE 1950s and 1960s when rabindrasangeet co-existed with bengali adhunikl songs of masterminds like salil chowdhury, hemanta , nachiketa ghosh, sudhin dasgupta , sachin dev, r d burman and many others. Each song was an experiment, each puja number was a revelation in its lyrics, tune and rendition by stalwarts like Hemanta, Manna, shyamal, Lata, Sandhya, Asha, Arati, Satinath, Dhananjoy or Manabendra. Equally prominent was folk songs by Nirmalendu Chowdhury, basic songs by Manju Gupta and Krishna Chatterjee and even parody songs like Mintu Dasgupta. Rabindrasangeet artistes like Hemanta, Kanika, Suchitra, Chinmoy and Debabrata were equally popular and was accepted in the market in a similar way as the modern bengali singers. There were no encroachments of territory as it is happening now.
    where is experiment will bangla basic song today ? why films have to use only Rabindrasangeet if they are not liked by the younger generation ? Can khoka babu jaye , heavy lagche coexist with amaro porano jaha chaye ?

  3. Debmalya

    tagore….. i think when the word bengal is pronounced tagore is one of the most common person you would get connected with…… we have grown that way right from our birth…. n bengal because of ts rich cultural interest the attachment is more here…. but!!!!!!! wait…… ask a boy or a girl in their teens today in kolkata to sing a rabindrasangeet or recite a poem of tagore… well half will laugh at you, some will ignore you and some will term u as “typical geo bangali”…. there will be very few who will take interest in the said subject…. but my story is very differnt my upbringing has been through tagore… cause it is so much in my family… from celebrating rabindrajayanti every yr at our home through a musical function where everyone from my grandpa to me(the smallest in family) would participate… evn my father n cousins…. we took pride … n evn today we take pride wen we are told to say that i know rabindrasangeet…… know the irony??? my sister did her PHD in rabindrasangeet… she never got recognition here in kolkata… n now she teaches rabindrasangeet in delhi n even non bengalis come to learn from her…. as its often said ghar ka murgi daal barabar…… how many modern families listen to rabindrasangeet??? but why???? i never understood the same but yes i am proud that i know rabindrasangeet n i take pride in singing

  4. our generation thinks disliking tagore, disliking bengali authors is a sign of ‘swag’ you know one thing… i was also a part of this trend till 9th… porar boi er bengali golpo was weird.. ar amar to west bengal board (aro chap)… kintu later bujhlam jinis gulo to besh bhalo… tagore’s first song which touched my heart (with the lyrics) was “sokhi bhabona kahare bole”… and yes… ‘gaaner opare’ was a turning point… as of other authors amar bengali tutor Michael Madhushudhan Datta r lekha word by word bujhiye poralo… bhalo laglo… 🙂

  5. Priyanka

    all the comments are interesting. each makes an important point. so, i guess the fact that u have stayed with what you feel deeply and passionately about, shows in the comments also..the first speaks of creating fresh things..more and more variety and depth..and the risks of just sticking-to-one..the second, about his family’s legacy and carrying it forward, the third about vast, deep and natural and the risks of doing stuff just for the money 🙂 the fourth comment is about interpreting, fresh 🙂

    overall, the idea is, dnt be thoughtless. think thru what you do 🙂 which again is about going deep, taai na? happy journeying..be more in amour, generally..respect individual tastes..read more..go deep 🙂 “Little and late” there’s no such concept :p when the man himself began painting at a ‘late’ age :).. keep learning and growing without bringing down others growing in their own ways (i dnt think u’ll, tho..tagore’s works are mostly about including, growing, seeing deeper and wider..i say mostly cos simply from the ones i’ve read) stay passionate.

  6. devjani

    though i cant sing at all & cant read bengali either (wat a shame )… yet tagore songs gives me goosebum each time i hear them –

    be it cd – be it gaane adda in shantiniketan
    be it – 7 toi poush er prabhat pheri…watever…

    i started hearing him as a infant i may say..(my sisters are pass out from Viswa Bharati, so it gave me a closer & deeper look in to it…)

    he is a genius – uni 100 bachor aage ja karechen – i guess 100 bachor pareo keu karte parben ki na…

    u name a occasion/emotion/situation – he has a song for it …. he was -is- n will remain the best music composer/lyricist

    …. mine fav is “tomaro ashime” –

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