1. Alpana Jaiswal

    Everybody wants happiness
    nobody wants pain
    but you can’t have a rainbow
    without a little rain…..
    Beautiful picture,and the write up…

  2. Shreyasi

    “ai akashe amar mukti aloy aloy , amar mukti dhulay dhulay ghase ghase, ai akashe amar mukti aloy aloy “….ata chhara ar kichu bolte parlam na ….

  3. Moyukh

    i like the picturisation, n the words are just enough n perfect for the title. No more no less would have been overboard. very nice.

  4. abhik mukherjee

    you told me fantastic person at heart?who told u that?u mean fantastic mad man who have no heart??????????I would be very glad to hear that…anyway your poem is good,snap better…and the best is if u apply this creativity in yr professional field…that may make me really proud of you bloke though I dont know if u already do it

  5. Anirban

    @Mayukh thank you… you have always encouraged me to do something better and remain humble at heart 😀

  6. Anirban

    @Abhik Mukherjee Sir…. I didnt even enter my professional field yet… but when ever it needs these, i shall be more than happy to contribute…

  7. Aakash

    Like this click so mch, wit black nd whit effect…….. n like ur poem too…..
    Spcly this line- A smile seeps in.. his home left behind. The goal far ahead..
    The peace lives with the journey today, Prizes left cold and dead.
    The moment now, is to freeze.

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