It’s a blessing in disguise that you get to know whether you are making a right decision. 🙂 Did you know Chand Sadagar being the egoistic person he was, refused to worship Maa Manasa with his right hand? He offered her flowers with his left hand and did not even look at the image while worshipping.

  2. Anjan Sen

    Have grown-up on these anecdotes. When we were young, early 90s, didn’t have a TV set. Mom would narrate these stories to us, after our homework and dinner. Everyday, we spent 1-2 hours in the evening. Also, Maa Manasa is our family diety. There is a small temple at our Barasat home. And yes, have also heard the version mentioned by Arundhati below. Thank you for putting this piece together.

  3. Taniya Kundu

    Loved reading it. I have had close encounters with snakes. The last one being on the previous date of Maa Manasa’s Puja, last month. I read the Padma-puran as a kid, and found it very interesting. This blogpost is really a wonderful tribute to those lost folk tales from Bengal, and I really like the analysis of it all in the end. 😊

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