1. Debayan Laha

    Excellent !!!! πŸ™‚ It would have been better if you posted your apti experience too..that would have made the content complete..Just a suggestion…:)

  2. ruchy

    hey.everything is fine wer did u get KFC chicken in the mid of that tension??….jokes apart….reminded me of my one.so its wonderful again….

  3. saikat

    dis gonna b a weird asking… !!!! is it total original???? i mean…no “modified” content….relative 2 the real scenario???? watever…. u really deserve a humble “salute” 4m me…. really…wish i cud be u…!!!!

    • Anirban

      @saikat no modification.. these were the quote-unquote version of it… the experience has been over whelming.. i still remember every bit of it!

  4. Rohit

    Hey very nicely put buddy….really njoid reading the interview part….unfolding like a filmi script….could almost visualize the conversation in my head……:)

  5. Debashree Roy

    hey…dat was a really nyc n awefully helpful piece of article…n da way u confidently communicatd was simply superb!:D

  6. Harshit Mehta

    CONGRATULATIONS !! I personally enjoyed reading this article. Learned how to present myself in a interview. It was really helpful. Also trying to learn how to blog. I got too many things to learn and just a few months remaining in hand before you pass out. I found a friend- philosopher- guide in you. And dada ofcourse..

  7. Anirban

    @all My friend – Aninya , it was her actually her confidence about the subject she did put in which was very effective and finally got her the call. She couldnt answer the first few questions of C and datastructure and was asked repeatedly to change her “subject of interest”, but she stuck to her point and forced the interviewer to ask more questions of the same domain, to which she answered correctly. and now she is in.

  8. Anirban

    @debashree We are actually pieces of the jig-saw puzzle of the entire picture called a big company.. we have to communicate in order to make them believe that we are a piece of the picture and that we fit in actually! πŸ˜‰

    @harshit… am I dying? I am just leaving college, my home shall always be there!

  9. rupesh

    i remember when u were about to move out of the interview
    room…some teacher announced my name and while i was entering the room i saw u moving out….i was alloted the
    same interviewer…hope u remembered…think….

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