The Holi of my imaginations,

holi, nandgaon, srivatsan sankaran

The word “Holi” creates vivid imagery in our minds. Especially if you are a Bengali who has grown up listening to either Ranga Hashi Rashi Rashi, Oshoke Polashe, Ranga nesha… or Khelbo Holi Rong Debo na, Tai kokhono hoye? And must have once definitely giggled while playing Holi with a select few friends or perhaps a cousin when they come […]

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The thrill that Himalayan Drive 5 is!

Himalayan Drive 5

  The sun refused to set as the dense fog enveloped the mountain. The driver drove past the road beside the tea gardens, miles along the twisted narrow lanes and hair pin turns. Tired but equally thrilled, I kept looking at the cars as they “navigated” their way through during the Himalayan Drive 5.     Picture this – the […]

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Paradoxes, Irrelevance and Chhapakhana Trails.

chhapakhana trails

Did you ever pick up an engraved wooden block up, dip it into the colour and print that on a sheet of cloth? If you haven’t, you’ve no clue how incredible it feels. The Future of the Past’s participant – The Chhapakhana Trails had given us this unique opportunity to experience this and many more. The Future of the Past […]

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Saga Dawa at Gangtok Sikkim.

saga dawa

If the Almighty restricts you from something, always know for a fact that something better awaits. I kept asking God, “What’s up? Why did you stop my North Sikkim trip? What would I do in Gangtok the entire day tomorrow?” Inside my head, I kept screaming, “Seriously? THIS much rain, God?” Almost crestfallen, I strolled down the hill trying to […]

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Photographs of Ravangla, Geyzing (Sikkim) trip.

sikkim tourism

  I’ve never been the beach guy ever ! During the sultry Kolkata summers, I prefer staying indoors testing my AC’s ability to keep the temperatures as low as 16 degrees, if not lower. So naturally, mountains have always been my choice when it comes to travel. Be it my first solo travel to Darjeeling and north Bengal, the Meghalaya trip with Harshit and Surrbhi […]

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Murshidabad: Hazar duari and around.

hazarduari palace, murshidabad tourism

One of the chief attractions in Murshidabad is the Hazarduari complex. I would not write about the history of the Hazarduari palace as my knowledge is particularly limited to the Wikipedia page. The Hazarduari palace was built by Mir Jafar’s family while Shiraj Ou’Dullas palace was on the other side of the river, now raised to the ground.  The Hazar Duwari complex has – Nizamat […]

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Murshidabad : In search of Bauls (Part 2)


Part 2: A day with Baban Das Baul. “Who was the first man on earth?”, asked Baban Das Baul.  After a moment of silence, I said, “Manu?”. Ramasish rubbished the idea and said, “It is Adam and Eve.”. Baban Das Baul was left wondering who Adam is.  He however, asked “Who before Manu?”.   “Brahma?” . “No, he is the father, the […]

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Chandannagar with Country Roots

For the last few weeks, apart from my office, I am either resting at home or scribbling on my diary pages. I did not like any of the scribbles and tore the pages. I required a break. Break came to me in the form of a picnic, organised by someone I look up to – Agnimirh Basu, Delhi based fashion […]

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City colours

Date: 19.10.2013 When you are happy from within, you get not to ignore the littlest things that bring to you – a smile .. one such are Colours, the city has to offer ! Date: 24.10.2011 Related Posts:10 shades of Holi in Vrindavan & MathuraVery basic Social Media tips for Personal Branding.How important is one’s class 12 result ?Why should […]

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|| Nakhoda Masjid ||

Nakhoda Masjid, Kolkata. October 13, 2013. My first photo walk (2010) with Kolkata Weekend Shoots, my first proper exposure to photography was here at Nakhoda Masjid. The place is calm and serene. It offers you space, feel and time to contemplate. The architecture in its glory and at the heart of Burrabazaar, if you love photographing people, you shall be […]

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