Career Planning and its relevance among Contemporary Youth

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“Career planning is important because you don’t want to go with the wind; you want to follow your dreams and ‘now’ is a better time than ‘later’.  Twelfth standard is a crucial time of your life as most of the competitive exams are held after the plus two boards.” – Suman Das, B.Com Hons     As new job advertorials are popping up […]

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Through the lens of a Feminist: The Hindi Sahitya Utsav, Delhi 2017.

hindi sahitya utsav

It was a pleasure knowing that Oxford Bookstore, Delhi hosted the Hindi Sahitya Utsav on the 19th of March. We celebrated the beauty of Hindi Literature, the entire day with very interesting sessions that ranged from discussing languages to the transforming nature of love in today’s world. Particularly “Apni Chuni Raahein – kya maksad kya haasil” (Our chosen paths- the objectives , […]

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Chameleon Lights: From Journalist to Poet

While most of us pursue higher education and then move to jobs, following the monotonous everyday routine, here is a journalist who in spite of having a compact schedule found time to pen down verses in his debut book, Chameleon Lights. He is Ayushman Jamwal, Senior News Editor at CNN-News18. Oxford Bookstore Kolkata, witnessed the launch of the book Chameleon […]

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Have a blog. Don’t be the “Blogger”.

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Let’s accept it – there was a time when bloggers were looked up to as sources of information. With a hundred million people starting their blogs, bloggers have become more of information seekers than providers; failing uniqueness of content and distinctive writing style; trying marketing gimmicks to get visitors that often leave a bad taste in the mouth. Why would […]

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NASSCOM Product Conclave: Red Carpet for the traditional businesses.

nasscom product conclave kolkata

Moving beyond the “Hobe NA” (It won’t happen) culture that Kolkata is stereotyped as, Kolkata still happens to be the city which is economically placed third, and has an overwhelming majority of traditional businesses which are doing pretty well. But not to their fullest. This is where Information Technology chips in. This includes, but is not restricted, to just having a […]

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Five Emerging Companies from Kolkata Campuses.

kolkata startups

They challenged the idea of seeking a job. Instead, they took little initiatives while in college to create jobs for others and not crib about the lack of job opportunities in this part of the country. They are out to win the world with their roots in their college campuses.  It’s a privilege to be writing this blog post, connecting […]

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Young thought leaders in Digital Kolkata | The Edutainment Show Kolkata 2016

The Edutainment Show

It was a pleasure being a part of The Edutainment Show Kolkata, the second time this year. In a new role, in a different capacity. While last year we talked about blogging and social media, this year I wanted to do something different. The crowd is young – aspiring media students, media college authorities and people who are looking forward […]

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Nomadic Cloud’s “Travellers Meet Kolkata”.


One afternoon Anuradha Goyal called and asked me to take her around Kolkata. She wanted to explore and meet other bloggers based in Kolkata. The sweet person that I am, I readily agreed. I had one idea and one week to execute. Everyone joined hands and right in the middle of the week, during working hours in the middle of […]

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Kolkata’s youth theatre today.

Gone are the days when theatre meant spending leisure time with families and restricted to a chosen few theatre halls. The Kolkata youth has taken it upon themselves to break the stereotypical mindset and take theatre beyond the established convention! Upasana Dasgupta (student, Amity Mumbai) tells you more about Kolkatas youth theatre today: The term “theatre” has changed it’s colour over […]

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Tales to tell: Book launch at Oxford Bookstore, Kolkata.

    What is “Tales to tell”? It is a anthology published, featuring twenty new authors and twenty new artists by Kolkata Bloggers and BEE Books. A competition was conducted from January 2015 till May where aspiring authors were asked to send us a short story written by them which is less than five hundred words. The best twenty of […]

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