Star leading us to the newer life.

Discussion has driven the social media forward. This is another of my scribbles from diary date 31st December 2011.

This christmas eve really got me thinking. What if we really had a star which would guide us to the Almighty? then we could submit ourselves to the Supreme..

Or do we already have one? Our lives are a collection of stories each of which speaks of circumstances, constraints and how we manage to survive.

How we manage, defines us. If we had had the star to guide, wouldn’t we all have known all right decisions? Life would have been all good-good with little or no challenge, not much to feel, not much to regret. Or are regrets a way to the Supreme?

One feeling connects each two of us, that feeling is a manifestation of love, in the most sincere way. What connects us to the Lord? A part of me, says its the star that guides us. A  part of me says, its regret.

Regret, and the feeling of it when masked, leads to no happiness. And star is not feasible. What truth then, leads us to the union with the Lord?

At a certain place, beyond the limits of our perception, all feelings unite. Love mixes with vanity, unites with regret. Unite unto our own soul, perhaps lighting our innermost corner of soul. Is that the star, I want?

The discussion that followed next in the facebook page gave in stronger emotions, quoting from there.

Anirban Dasgupta writes,

Regret is and always will be the driving force to spirituality for those who kid themselves by pretending to account themselves for everything they hav achieved, I can spk 4 myself atleast as I am an obligate member of that community!!:)

sometyms we do xperience things, and by things, I here mean the good things that has nothing to do wid our contributions towards achieving it, but we conveniently fail to conceive that, wat we do is wake up during the sufferings and turn back and sound philosophical..ur point of corelating regret with spirituality is applicable to that very fraction of ppl ..

Anshul Gautam wrote  and I quote…

…When do we have regret? When mistakes we do, on facing challenges and we don’t get able to give our best into them and likewise. And with regret comes realization, directions we missed; slack areas we didnt work upon; a handful of perfection we grab. Love for others, and love to live; spectral sermon and regret’s sieve

Shall be the next intrigue; This New Year’s motive.

Atmaja Santra chipped in to say ,

life as we travel through it..can be dominated by hope,by strong emotions,or even a particular concept…so everything that we stumble on,everything that hurts us,gives us an adrenaline rush could be important in learning what next we should do…so the thing with almighty is we are never certain of its’ existence or how he is leading us…n the unpredictable part of it makes it more interesting..but as i said,life can b ruled by a concept,so the hope that stays burning in ur heart might be the star you’re looking for…
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