That’s the Joy of Building

Ever since my apartment went one and a half feet lower after the recent earthquake, I’ve taken a special interest in how the buildings are constructed.

A lot of effort, imagination and aspiration goes into creating a house and a lot of love, to make it a home. For the “Home” to remain strong for a couple of generations at least, one needs to make sure it is built properly. This post is a part of Tata Tiscon‘s #BuildingBlogsOfJoy blogger engagement programme conducted by, which gave me a unique opportunity to know more about this and ask questions.

Joy of Building, Building blogs of Joy

Before we proceed, I need to introduce the terms “Tata Tiscon” and “Rebar” to my readers.
Tata Tiscon is a Tata Steel brand which manufactures and markets steel rods, rebars and various derivatives of rebars which are used in a construction of a building.
Rebars are “reinforcement bars”, in simple terms, are the steel rods inside the concrete of your building that provide it strength and does not allow it to break down.

“There are simple tips”, the speaker said. A proper foundation, structured work, using proper rebars and making sure they are bound together by stirrups, not at 90 degrees but at 135 degrees. While the speaker spoke about many things, I started concentrating on three aspects of Tata Tiscon.


The three that are my areas of interest:
Branding: How they’ve been branding themselves.
How they’ve been reaching out to people.
How they’ve helped to organise this sector.

Tata Tiscon has always thought ahead of its time. Be it embossing its brand name on the rebar or deepening the gap between two ridges so that the cement could bind well with the bars, not compromising with the quality of the steel given. It’s as pure as it could get, ductile and strong.

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“We’ve tried newer ways to build the trust”, said Animesh Roy, the Head of Marketing and continued, “who else would think of steel rebars being ordered after midnight? We cater to that as well!”
Well, yes. An interested customer could not only look up on their website but also order for Tata Tiscon rebars. It would then be delivered to the address provided.

“How would you ensure that it reaches to the person fast enough?” I inquired. “We’re there in more than 95% of the districts in India.”, answered Animesh as I was left amazed. And not only that, you could locate your nearest dealer from their portal.

There are Tata Tiscon experience zones and dealerships. The Tata Tiscon experience zones are outlets where the aspiring home builder could see the range of the Tata Tiscon rebars, and take an immersive tour of an ongoing construction using a Google Cardboard like virtual reality headset, directly find prices and ask an expert by using an interactive panel.

Do you know: More than 95% of the people who come to Tata Tiscon experience zone want to build their own homes. Being(brought up in Central kolkata) and later being shifted to the jungle of high rises, I’ve hardly seen people who want to build their own homes. They work all their life, save up the money, try and find out what’s best to keep their homes strong, choosing the rebars, the cement, the architect, the mason because he’d be investing his life’s savings into this and in all probability, plans to spend the rest of his life there. What more could the Tatas from their part do to ensure this Aspiration to Reality a joyful experience to cherish, the joy of building not only a home but hope for everyone around?

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The owner at the dealership store was overtly enthusiastic. I laughed at the way we were offered cashew nuts, chips to eat and tea to drink. I kept on biting sugar cubes and the conversation that followed was interesting. He is into the business for around 4 decades if I remember properly and he adds, “These days, it is so much transparent. The customers do not question much. Previously they used to weigh and measure the length. There was distrust.” and I realised that the uniform code, the quality stamp and the name of the Tatas on them builds the trust. Not only that, the dealers nominate masons, who get recognised by Tata Tiscon. This in a way tells the customer that the mason has had a good reputation with the builders and should be trusted.

From aspiration to reality, build the #home your grandchildren would cherish. Choose what bonds best! #BuildingBlogsOfJoy – Thanks to our #Bloggers Shoma and Anirban for this #GuestPost

Posted by Tata Tiscon World on Wednesday, February 10, 2016


While I chuckled all the way home after interacting with my fellow bloggers, the entire night I kept wondering. I’ll turn all my hair grey while saving up for my masters and then would probably turn bald, saving up to build my own home. Umm, somewhere in the interior of Sikkim, up on the mountains near a monastery, in front of a field. How’d I ensure my peace of mind and ensure that my children spend more time designing their universe inside? Tata Tiscon, I smiled would ensure the joy of building.

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