just another blog post.

I just noticed, I didnot really blog post this entire month. So I thought of coming up with a post, personal in nature.. mainly speaking about my whereabouts.
So where do I start ? My last personal blog post was during ILP. So I start from there.

I am assigned a work role of SAP ABAP Consultant, hopefully shall be on board this week. I am liking ABAP. Its like any other language. When Sumit Datta told – You need to learn one language properly, rest of the others are a cake walk, I refused to believe him then. Three years down the line, I find myself to have fiddled with many computer languages and finally landing up with SAP ABAP.

I hardly attended Dakshinee classes in the last 2 months. And Sounak da started training me in basics of Indian Classical Music. I have hardly attended any KWS shoot. And my photography got limited to shooting friends’ portraits for their facebook profile, and under low light. I tried shooting portraits under street lights, and I have shared the initial results on my blog.

My birthday was very peaceful 😛 It was the first time, someone wanted to plan my birthday… and I loved it. Thanks Sayon and Harshit for it. These days, I started hanging out with Raj ( Rajarshi Bhadra ) and his friends. Did a mad Digha trip with them. It was awesome. Raj has shifted to Coimbatore, Deeptish shall shift to Bangalore. Argh.

Aninya and Annesha asked me to join the Salsa classes. Well, I did. And I am loving it. Shall be continuing with it. Made new friends there, liking their company.. and this is my first training of a dance form. I am slow learner when it comes to dance. :/

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I bought the Samsung SIII for myself. Could not really resist the temptation. Was leading a month of austerity, when I believe The Almighty just told me : Dude, you passed the exam for austerity, come on – I am sending you some money. LOL. Now why do i say that? The cover photo of Bickram Ghosh’s next album was shot by me in the year 2011. I dont know how, but he got to know it.. and after more than one year, his PA got in touch with me, and shall be signing a cheque as “token of appreciation”. Well, that came at the time when my bank balance crashed. Thank you Almighty, some times you make me feel your favourite child !

Of all the other news, I have decided not to drink (or atleast not as frequently) alcohol. I felt bad, and I think it was touching weird limit. aah… what else ?

None of the blogposts of this sort end without me thanking people. So here I start – Sounak da, thank you for tutoring me. My seniors at TCS – Sayantan da, Sudipto da, my PL for allowing me to chip out of office to attend music class. My colleagues – Mrinalini, Nitish, Partho, Amit, Supratik – for such good acquaintance.  Madhu , Ruchi di, Siddharth – for the friend ship. Tapashree di, for all the patient help. Deeptish, Saurish for all the time spent, with you, and your friends. Aninya, Annesha – LOL.. thank you for everything. The Tabla maestro Bickram Ghosh, for remembering me after more than one year ! Raj, Bhoju – for all the warmth.

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