Do you know about Ixigo Glasses yet?

For all travellers and technology enthusiasts, Ixigo Glasses come as a pleasant surprise.

What is Ixigo? – It is a Gurgaon (India) based travel search application startup, compare prices and one platform where you can do it all. They have a userbase of over 20 million users.

What are Ixigo Glasses?

To get introduced to Ixigo Glasses, check this video out:


What’s so exciting about it?

One of the first Indian companies to get into wearable technology and if successful, which would be pathbreaking. It is a simple glass and is one magnificent example of machine learning, augmented reality and predictive analysis.

Ixigo glasses come with pre-installed custom built operating system; can be charged by USB Type-C cable and the battery should last for almost a week. Loaded with FRAME 4790p quad core processor and good storage, it has a front camera of 12-megapixel placed at the center of the glasses.

If you try to look into any monument or place of historical significance through it, it displays relevant metadata on the glass screen. You could look at buildings and know which ones are hotels you can stay in and compare their rates; books or even vegetable. Seems like a sci-fi movie, right? While Google glasses could not make a mark in our minds, I pray that this Indian startup is recognised for it and it becomes commercially successful as well. 


Ixigo has always been a leading travel search marketplace and with this Ixigo Glass, they enter the $20Bn wearable industry. They had previously raised funds from SAIF Partners, MakemyTrip Ltd,Micromax and Sequoia capital during 2017.


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Introduction to Ixigo Glasses.


The first few Ixigo glass prototypes are up for free. You can get it from here:

I’ve pre-ordered for mine. If I get one, I would review it for you on this blog post.

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