Awaken from the darkness…Hope is still here…very well picture taken Anirban da. I loved it. 🙂
    And for the caption I think it should be- Stirring Hopes.

  • Alok

    baah besh

  • apurva

    nice pic and light up the world suite as a caption

  • Alpana Jaiswal

    Great picture…

  • rimly

    This is truly a beautiful picture and your thoughts on it are very deep and sensitive. Loved it.


  • Bindu Juneja

    Truly a light of hope. Loved the pic

  • Sourav

    Its darun…
    d spiritual touch n innocent look are mixed up brilliantly

  • Vaibhav

    nice! could have reduced the iso though, and increase the aperture!!

  • Dipannita Dey

    This pic really doesn require a caption…it speaks fr itself…very nice shot

  • magiceye

    the picture launches a thousand tales!!