Light up the world.

mayapur iskon rash utsav child light candle

Well, tried writing something along with this photograph. Some abstract, some quote, some story.. but failed so miserably. Fell straight on face. I personally am in love with this photograph.. evokes many feelings in me. One child holds the sole source of light, that lights his face up.. while the lady behind with her kid gets a fragment of the light. This is enough thought to be chewed upon. So this torch bearer… this child, the future of this world, smiles as he shows the others the way, in a way lighting up their world. Do leave in your reviews and suggest for me a caption :)
Photograph : Anirban Saha Photography.

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10 thoughts on “Light up the world.

  1. Awaken from the darkness…Hope is still here…very well picture taken Anirban da. I loved it. :)
    And for the caption I think it should be- Stirring Hopes.

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