An Angel to relieve your financial investment woes, quite literally!

angel broking pvt ltd

Warren Buffett: Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble.  Life is short. The next moment might be your last. I might not be alive while you are reading this or worse still, aliens might have invaded our territory; Just kidding! In any case, as my grandfather used to say all the time, better […]

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Kolkata Street Art Festival.

Kolkata Street Art Festival

While this erstwhile city of Palaces is now a city of broken and abandoned walls; why not paint it and gift the passers by, a slice of an artist’s imagination? Berger Paints tried doing just that. Kolkata Street Art Festival is an attempt to fill the city walls with art, created by Barun Saha and his students, spearheaded by eminent […]

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Through the lens of a Feminist: The Hindi Sahitya Utsav, Delhi 2017.

hindi sahitya utsav

It was a pleasure knowing that Oxford Bookstore, Delhi hosted the Hindi Sahitya Utsav on the 19th of March. We celebrated the beauty of Hindi Literature, the entire day with very interesting sessions that ranged from discussing languages to the transforming nature of love in today’s world. Particularly “Apni Chuni Raahein – kya maksad kya haasil” (Our chosen paths- the objectives , […]

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The Holi of my imaginations,

holi, nandgaon, srivatsan sankaran

The word “Holi” creates vivid imagery in our minds. Especially if you are a Bengali who has grown up listening to either Ranga Hashi Rashi Rashi, Oshoke Polashe, Ranga nesha… or Khelbo Holi Rong Debo na, Tai kokhono hoye? And must have once definitely giggled while playing Holi with a select few friends or perhaps a cousin when they come […]

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The thrill that Himalayan Drive 5 is!

Himalayan Drive 5

  The sun refused to set as the dense fog enveloped the mountain. The driver drove past the road beside the tea gardens, miles along the twisted narrow lanes and hair pin turns. Tired but equally thrilled, I kept looking at the cars as they “navigated” their way through during the Himalayan Drive 5.     Picture this – the […]

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Chidambaram’s session at Tata Steel Kolkata Literary Meet

P. Chidambaram, Tata Steel Kolkata Literary Meet, Tata Steel Kalam

Literature festivals see an amalgamation of people across the cross section of the society, the young and the experienced, across all professions come and listen to eminent speakers whose topics range from Literature to Politics to everything that moves the society now. How could demonetisation not find a space in the Kolkata Literary Meet, patronised by Tata Steel in the […]

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Cold Pressed juices and Inspirit.

What are “Cold Pressed Juices”? The packaged juices are pasteurised, thus giving it a longer shelf life but compromising with the nutrient quantity. Even when the juice is made in our homes, the flavour of the fruit is not restored and the nutrient value decreased. It is there, where cold pressed juice needs its introduction. It is a way of extracting […]

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