The TROLL story of Snapdeal.

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snapdeal troll

If I was one of the heads of Snapdeal, I might have had a smile on my face but deep down I would be cursing my luck or perhaps my entire existence!

They chose the best person that they could have, to represent their company, Aamir Khan. An Oscar-nominated moviemaker, the previous face of Samsung, Incredible India, Satyameya Jayate, an superstar respected and loved for his sense of perfection and someone who could connect to the mass. What possibly could have gone wrong? – One comment.

Aamir Khan’s wife felt not-very-safe in India and considered moving out with their children, Aamir said that such a thought should not even come to her mind. The media took it up and Indians got offended? “How could Aamir Khan’s wife feel unsafe in India? Chalo Snapdeal uninstall karte hain! In a matter of hours, Snapdeal got around a lakh negative reviews and uninstalls. Lolwut?

Then there are definitely reasons to not-feel-good about, which are strictly business. Over the last few months, Snapdeal had to fire 500 people to cut costs and the founders of the company are not taking salaries. The company is also facing a slew of lawsuits from people who claim they get money from Snapdeal. Then there are reports of them being sold to their competitor, Flipkart.

TVF Bisht, Please! sponsored by Snapdeal was launched amidst allegations of molestation against Arunabh Kumar, CEO of TVF. Thankfully, “How dare he molest a girl? Chalo Snapdeal uninstall karte hain!” did not happen.

But something slightly more hilarious happened. Indians offended by Snapchat CEO’s alleged comment of India being poor started uninstalling Snapchat. The Chinese whispers did it’s magic and especially those who had no clue of what Snapchat is, started uninstalling Snapdeal. You’ve read it right.

“Don’t know what’s Snapchat? But how dare they have similar names? Chalo Snapdeal uninstall karte hain!” And you know what must have happened next.

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