The star that leads us.

I scribbled this long back, shared it on facebook few days ago…. resharing it here.

This christmas eve really got me thinking. What if we really had a star which would guide us to the Almighty? then we could submit ourselves to the Supreme..

Or do we already have one? Our lives are a collection of stories each of which speaks of circumstances, constraints and how we manage to survive.

How we manage, defines us. If we had had the star to guide, wouldn’t we all have known all right decisions? Life would have been all good-good with little or no challenge, not much to feel, not much to regret. Or are regrets a way to the Supreme?


One feeling connects each two of us, that feeling is a manifestation of love, in the most sincere way. What connects us to the Lord? A part of me, says its the star that guides us. A  part of me says, its regret.

Regret, and the feeling of it when masked, leads to no happiness. And star is not feasible. What truth then, leads us to the union with the Lord?


At a certain place, beyond the limits of our perception, all feelings unite. Love mixes with vanity, unites with regret. Unite unto our own soul, perhaps lighting our innermost corner of soul. Is that the star, I want?

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