Photographs of the Rabbits, the newer bundle of joy!

I love the way we share every bit of happiness together. When my niece was born, she wasn’t just my niece. Sayon, Koustav cared for her equally. Whenever I’ve felt even slightly lonely I’ve always had my friends with me, every single time, every single occasion. Be it during Durga Puja when in a few hours notice, my friends abandoned their Ashtomi plans and we all gathered to dance to Dhaak beats or all of us getting together to light flying lanterns. They’ve always been with me.

We have a few addition to this family – two rabbits and one Swarnava Nandi. Swarnava is a student in NIFT, an able wildlife photographer and is fun to talk to. Souranil always speaks very highly of him. The two rabbits are the ultimate cute little balls of happiness. I did not plan to buy the two rabbits. I do not even know why I bought them. Now I love them.

They are adorable. More than that, they have given my family another new reason to get together and not discuss work. I miss Souranil a lot, even when I am writing this.

They day I got them, a lot of people messaged me on Facebook and gave me tips. A few warned me about the rabbits pooping around. That day a few wanted to name the rabbits. My almost-4-year-old niece came up with “Halum and Bhutu”. Surya, the nerd that he is, named the two “Nibble and Byte”. But someone in one of the comments mentioned “Honey and Bunny”. Honey-Bunny got picked up and became the hashtag for sharing the photographs.

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It has been only 8 days that I’ve got the rabbits. First I thought I’d post 100 square frames of the Rabbits together. But seeing the enthusiasm, I think making this post now is absolutely necessary. Photographs shot by Swarnava, Koustav, Me and my other friends.

rabbit pet kolkata bengal india

#HoneyBunny – They’ll actually this small | Photograph: Anirban Saha

swarnava nandi, rabbit pet kolkata

Photographs: Swarnava Nandi

swarnava nandi, rabbit pet kolkata

Photograph: Swarnava Nandi

swarnava nandi, rabbit pet kolkata

ঘুরে বসে থাকে ক্যামেরা দেখলে আজকাল।

Arjyak Bhattacharya Rabbit

Arjyak’s first reaction holding the Rabbit 😀

rabbit pet kolkata

Ummm caption this!?


Rabbit Pet kolkata

What’s up?


Rabbit pet Kolkata

I love this frame.

swarnava rabbit anirban

The puff ball of happiness | Photograph: Swarnava Nandi

rabbit pet kolkata

Photograph: Koustav Ghosh

Rabbit pet kolkata

Photographs: Ankit, Koustav, Soupayan and Bishak.

rabbit pet kolkata

The bean bag is their home for some time now.


rabbits pet kolkata

That’s sleeping time.

rabbit pet kolkata (3)

Eh Seriously?

rabbit pet kolkata (4)

Time for food!

rabbit pet kolkata (5)

Time for more food. -_-

rabbit pet kolkata (6)



rabbit pet kolkata

Jump, may be? (Sayan Biswas)

rabbit pet kolkata

The Dining Table. -_-

rabbit pet kolkata

We’ve got more food. Good bye.



Please feel free to ask me questions. If I do not know the answer, I will search for it and let you know. Let’s pray for the good health of the rabbits. Okay, I can not stretch it more than this. SHARE this post if you like the photographs! 


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