Time we talk about the Kolkata Literature Festival 2017

Kolkata, India’s first city of books and literature has not only a history of producing the best of litterateurs but also college street, which is a book lover’s paradise, the International Kolkata Book Fair, which is the worlds most attended celebration of books, and the three literature festivals – one which happens inside the International Kolkata Book Fair – The Kolkata Literature Festival.

This city of books and literature festivals strike a balance between the new media and the old, the newer authors and the old, different genres which are popular and the ones which are niche, the works that can make it further to make more money and the ones which are better discussed in our drawing rooms on a winter evening.


Kolkata Literature Festival 2017, #KLF17

10 countries, 1 Kolkata Literature Festival | www.kolkatabookfair.net


This year the Kolkata Literature Festival is no different; engaging authors from over ten countries and running four international projects parallelly, the three days 2-3-4 February 2017 is going to be literature lovers’ cloud-9-kind-of-an-arrangement.

Authors from Wales, Scotland, Australia, Egypt, USA, India, Bangladesh, Spain, France, Costa Rica would hold sessions. The last slots would witness Dona Ganguly, Dohar and Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty perform. During the last day, the speakers include Chetan Bhagat, Durjoy Datta.

Kolkata Literature Festival Twitter post 2017

3 days, 25 sessions and 4 international projects | Kolkata Literature Festival


I’m particularly looking forward to “The valley, the city and the village” project where poet-writers from Wales Natalie Ann Holborow, Sion Tomos Owen and Sophie McKeand would tour Kolkata, Sunderbans and Shantiniketan. Later during this year, Bengali authors would visit Wales for a similar exercise. Later their experiences would be published in the book by the same name.


#KLF17, Kolkata Literature Festival

Be there on the 2-3-4 February 2017 | Click here for the schedule.


There’s a session of the Business Honchos who turned authors. Another session titled “What do I do with my sexuality?” which would be graced by Laxmi Tripathi, Manabi Bandhopadhyay of the other speakers. The Bengali session would be moderated by Tridib Chatterjee and the Hindi session by Yatinder Mishra. Divya Dutta would be launching her book during the second day of the Kolkata Literature Festival. This year’s Jnanpith awardee Sankha Ghosh would be present during the inauguration. Do check out the complete schedule on their website by clicking here. Stay connected online as well, follow the hashtag #KLF17.

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Bloggers take note:

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