Rabindra Jayanti at St Pauls’ Mission School, 2012.

I am an alumni of St Pauls’ Mission School, Kolkata. After having left school, I made it a point not to miss it. Instead concentrate more on the coming future. But something in my heart wished for… to get back to my school.

Attended the Rabindra Jayanti Utsav at my school and I am delighted. Before I go into the details of the program… I need to mention:
1. The School has a new principal. I had heard a lot about her. Today had the fortune to see her speak, meet her. She is extremely warm, positive and more than anything else – dynamic and full of new ideas.
2. The school had had a makeover. Few shifts here and there, and Church block re installed.
3. Old teachers are supposed to be retiring, new teachers are reportedly haughty.
4. Different activity clubs are formed, Rabindra jayanti and other occasions are celebrated in a better way. Unlike the past, food is served after every occasion.
5. Students are reportedly and visibly more disciplined. And I actually find them happier. Happier than the batches that preceded them, and our batch.In all a thumbs up to the new principal ! She has also made the board governing visibly active. In my school life, I hardly understood that a board of Governors actually exist!

It started with Dr Massey smiling at me, and a warm welcome. Mrs Ganguly anchored, inviting and welcoming the chief guest, with Ref ¬†Adhikary proceeding with the prayers. The musicale started with “Dwanilo Ahoban Modhuro Gombhir”, “Momo Chitte nrite nritye”..

The next section was striking. It gave an overview of how Tagore portrayed his female characters. A brief of dance-dramas were given and the following were sung:
i) “Choron Dhorite diyo go amare” (Shyama)
ii) “Mor bina othe kon shure baaje” (Shaap mochon)
iii) “Ami Chitrangada” (Chitrangada)
iv) “Bhalobashi Bhalobashi” (Roktokorobi)


The junior school kids of class 2-4 enacted “Bir purush”.
A brief of Tagores’ insight to Christianity was also given. The song that followed was “Ekdin jara merechilo taare giye”. The guys that danced to it were very good, and Sagnik who sang is already a star.. but I shall be waiting for his CD’s to come out in the market. He is THAT good !


Different stages of life, few texts from Tagore.. “Premer joware”, “Aamra nuton jouboner dut”, “Jokhon porbe na mor paayer chinyo” followed next.

The paularians (as we fondly call ourselves) presented the skit – “Chinta shil”, which was hilarious. I almost ROFLed. The next song was “Anondo dhara bohiche bhubone”. What followed next, and I didnot like is the Amitabh Bachhan version of the song. This could have been avoided, when all the rest of the songs were done in purist form.
There were few electrical glitches. The lights were too low, and very frequently changing making photography a hard luck exercise.

I am elated, and what an occasion to get back to school premises. The same warm feeling. Okay, these days too much of Bengali is being used… but that’s perfectly okay. These days, I find kids who are proud of their school and vocal about it. Especially when they represented our school and won awards for it. This will definitely go a long way to take the school forward, and perhaps in a very right direction. I , as am alumni and a very loyal one, is optimistic.
NB: This is the occasion, that brought old retired teachers back together… and the new principals’ child is extremely choto and cute \m/