So, what interests me?

This world is a wonderful playground; different people, their places and their cultures, different little things that make it unique; different birds and the way they chirp or best, fly away! Colors and exuberance.

Trust me, it is not that easy or straight forward to answer what exact things interest me. But I’ll try.

  • Growing up in 90’s Calcutta, I’ve seen the city evolve. For better or worse, that’s a discussion over cups of tea in my living room. But yes, the present today is deeply rooted in the culture and heritage of the city. That and the city as a whole interests me.
  • The different cultures that make India; one lifetime isn’t just enough to explore the entire of it. But I’ve been blessed to have known little pieces of Sikkim and the northeast of India.
  • The different cultures that make this world; impossible to explore and learn in details in one lifetime. But I’ve taken it upon myself to know a bit of it, one at a time. Currently, I’m in Germany, in Magdeburg. So yes, I’m exploring a bit around.
  • I fondly call Souranil, my “choto bhai” or younger brother as we call in Bangla. He introduced me to “birding” and trust me, it’s been over two years and I’m in complete awe of it. Now when a bird chirps or suddenly comes in front of me, I know which bird that is. Little things like knowing the bird’s name, to follow them and to photograph them interests me.