Season 2: Jobs in the Real World!

In Season 2, we interview 9 professionals in the field of data science who shared with us, in the form of conversations, various tips about soft and hard skills they look for in an aspirant. We also discussed very briefly the future of tech, inclusivity, and of course, CV and cover letters!

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  • Dr. Omar Zaidan [Senior Applied Data Scientist (NLP), Amazon]
  • Mr. Asit Dutta [Head of Recruiting, Fluunt GmbH]
  • Dr. Debmalya Biswas [CTO, Darwin Digital] (Scientist, former AI architect of Philip Moris International)
  • Ms. Jess Penkhues [Technical Recruiter, Google]
  • Mr. Steve Delien [Chief Technical Architect, SAP on Cloud – Accenture]
  • Mr. Mikayel Ghazaryian [Site Reliability Engineer, Schüttflix]
  • Mr. Nitol Dutta [Ecosystem Lead, SAP AI]
  • Mr. Henning Starholm Steen [Inclusion Manager, TietoEVRY]
  • Mr. Elshad Shirinov [Co-founder, CV Abroad]


  • Mr. Shubham Pratap Singh (co-lead)
  • Mr. Anirban Saha (Founder, co-lead)
  • Mr. Aditya Biswas (Team Management)
  • Ms. Disha K Setlur
  • Mr. Dheeraj Tippani (Audio-in-charge)
  • Ms. Apoorva Rani
  • Mr. Tarun Gupta

Thank you

  • Mr. Rimbik Das (Logo, branding designs)
  • Mr. Craig Gomes (Branding colour scheme)
  • Mr. Supratik Chatterjee (Technology Architect – SAP Intelligent Tech, Accenture)
  • Mr. Sayon Kumar Saha (Machine Learning Engineer, Amazon)
  • Ms. Asema Hassan (Growth lead, Pakistani Women in Computing (Berlin))
  • Mr. Anindya Bhattacharyya (Solutions Architect, Accenture)

New Team member for Season 2:

  • Ms. Doyel De Sarkar
  • Mr. Sayed Abid Hashimi
  • Mr. Suyash Gawandi

E0: Introduction by Anirban Saha (monologue)

E1: Challenges and Opportunities in NLP – with Dr. Omar Zaidan

Omar is a Senior Applied Scientist at Amazon in Berlin, where he leads a team of scientists working on NLP in search. Previously, he has worked at Microsoft on a variety of products, such as search and machine translation. He has completed his Master’s and Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University in the US.

E2: How companies look for “Company fit” – with Asit Dutta

Asit Dutta has been head-hunting for over a decade now. Currently, he is the head of recruitment at Fluunt GmbH. He has previously recruited for companies like Deutsche Bahn, DeliveryHero, Home24, Marketlogic, to name a few.

E3: Generalisation in the field of AI – with Dr. Debmalya Biswas

Dr. Debmalya Biswas is the CTO of Darwin Digital. Till January 2021, he was the AI architect of Philip Morris International. While remaining in the industry, he has written papers and published in really great publications.  (pause) He grew up and did his bachelor’s in India, his master’s in Canada, and his Ph.D. in France. He works in Switzerland.

E4: SAP AI and the role of ecosystem in AI – with Nitol Dutta

Nitol Dutta joined SAP as Global Partner Manager for SAP Leonardo Machine Learning and then he became the Global Partner Manager at SAP Data Intelligence. Currently, he is the Ecosystem Lead of SAP AI.

E5: Insights into Recruitment in Google – with Jess Penkhues

Our guest in this episode is Jess Penkhues. She is a Technical Recruiter at Google, looking after Software Engineering roles, ranging from University Graduates to Senior Principals.

E6: Red flags in Technical Interviews – with Mikayel Ghazaryan

Our guest today is Mikayel Ghazaryan. Mikayel worked as a software architect before joining Trivago. At Trivago he worked on Amazon Web Services and was regarded as an expert in it. Now, he is the site reliability engineer at Schüttflix. 

E7: Unwritten rules in hiring – with Elshad Shirinov

Elshad Shirinov is the co-founder of CV_Abroad, the social media details are given in the description of this episode. And for our live audience, Shubham, one of our team members would share it in the chat at the end of the recording. Elshad has been a software engineer for over one and a half decades, and then, he has been a hiring manager. He started CV_Abroad with Olga Sokolova to guide international students and first-timers with their first recruitment in Germany and Europe in general.

E8: How inclusion helps everyone – with Henning Starholm Steen

Henning Starholm Steen is the Apprentice and Inclusion Manager at TietoEVRY. It is a multinational consultancy company headquartered in Oslo, Norway.

E9: A conversation with Steve Delien.

Steve Delien is the Chief Technical Architect – SAP Business group at Accenture. During this conversation, we talked about a range of topics that include how the SAP landscape developed in the last 23 years, tips for first-timers, the gap between industry and academia, the future of technology, cultural differences.