Set 1: Student jobs for M.Sc. Digital Engineering & Data and Knowledge Engineering students in Magdeburg.

In Set 1, we explore a bit about the student job opportunities in Magdeburg. For there, there is a series of interviews. To receive updates about the upcoming Podcasts, I would request you to subscribe to the channel on Spotify and/or Google Podcasts by clicking on the button below!

Who are interviewed? Current students of M.Sc. Digital Engineering and Data and Knowledge Engineering from the subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) who are doing a job inside the university as a “HiWi”, or in a software company in Magdeburg.

Why this series of interviews? The target audience for this set is the international aspirants of the course M.Sc. DE and DKE at the Otto-von Guericke Universit├Ąt, Magdeburg. But new incoming students to this university and/or to Germany might find value from this series.

About the content in the interviews: All the guests are mostly asked the same set of questions, which allow them to speak about where they are working, their work. Further questions allow them the opportunity to express how different the two work cultures are and how important the German language is in their life at work.

What should the takeaway be for the listener? Many aspiring students either do not know what kind of students jobs are available. Not much of the information is up on the internet as well. This series should serve as a step towards further exploration of opportunities. The audience should be aware that I can not interview everyone. The list of people is not exhaustive and there are other different ways people get student jobs, other job roles that students do. What might have worked for the guests might not work for the listener, should s/he try to emulate the same steps! To explore further is the job of the aspirant/new student.

Note: The Podcasts should start adding up here from 17th September 2020, for around 2 months.

S1E1: The Introductory Podcast!

In the first podcast, I briefly talk about what I intend to do in this series and a lazy introduction to the job scene here.

S1E2: Chat with Mahantesh!

Mahantesh studies  Digital Engineering  and had a little work experience before he started his M.Sc. course. Currently, he is a  Data Scientist in a company in Berlin  (student job). He is working on Interpretable Machine Learning. Previously, he has also been a tutor of the Data Mining 1 course.

S1E3: Chat with Zeeshan!

Zeeshan studies  Data and Knowledge Engineering  and had a little work experience before he started his M.Sc. course. Currently, he is a  Developer at a startup in Berlin  (student job).

S1E4: Chat with Fatima!

Fatima studies  Digital Engineering  and had a little work experience before she started her M.Sc. course. Currently, she is  working at two research institutes in Magdeburg  (student job) currently; one at Leibniz Institute of Neurobiology and the other at Institute of competance and automobilitat.

S1E5: Chat with Shivani (Jadhav)!

Shivani studies  Data and Knowledge Engineering  and had a little work experience before starting her M.Sc. course. Her area of interest is Natural Language processing and currently, she is  working at the University of Karlsruhe  . Previously, she has been a tutor for many courses which include Introduction to Deep Learning and Information Retrieval.

S1E6: Chat with Atrayee!

Atrayee studies  Digital Engineering  and did not have work experience before starting her M.Sc. course. She is currently working as a student research assistant at the university and  interning at Continential AG  as a machine learning intern.

S1E7: Chat with Ricchiey!

Richhiey Thomas studies  Data and Knowledge Engineering . He hails from Mumbai, India, and had previously worked in a startup. In Magdeburg, he works at the  University’s AI lab . He works on audio and deep learning. Recently, he took part in an international competition where his machine-generated music grabbed quite a few eyeballs.

S1E8: Chat with Aftab Atlaf!

Md. Aftab Altaf studies  Digital Engineering . He has previously worked in an Indian MNC while he was in India. In Magdeburg, he works on  SAP technologies in a startup  in Magdeburg.

S1E9: Chat with Indranil Maji!

Indranil Maji studies  Data and Knowledge Engineering . He joined the Academic Club’s Communication Team. He later took up the responsibility of designing posters and promotional material. His work got recommended and now he is recruited by the project SI@FIN to maintain the website and design posters!

S1E10: Chat with Vikram Apilla!

Vikram Apilla works in  the Visualisation Research group . He studies  Data and Knowledge Engineering . He currently works on prototypes for 3D medical visualisations.