Welcome note to the college fresher.

I had spoken on behalf of the seniors to the 1st years on many occasions, one being the freshers orientation programme. This was my speech on 2010, Aug 11 :

Good afternoon Shri S K Sharma, chairman- SKSGi, Prof Dr A C Ganguly, Director- SKSGi, respected Principals and Faculty of S K Sharma Group of Institutions and Hi friends!

I am Anirban – Department of Computer Science and Engineering, final year. When I was climbing up the stairs to this podium, my friend Sayani asked me to speak something really motivating. Friends, I find no motivating words for you.

To give my speech a bollywood touch, “Chaar saal, chaar saal hain tumhare paas, shyed tumhare zindagi ke sab se khaas chaar saal” But I wont really say that..(I am bad at mimicking, I know!)

Even if I say that, I wont be entirely wrong – these four years are THE deciding four years of your life. This is a new start, a beginning to something new.

These four years give us an opportunity to become someone we never were … for perhaps we can never be.. but atleast we can try to.

We all have with us, our set of dreams, This is the time to let free and chase your dream.. not forgetting our core mission – studies!

We are in this college, primarily to study, and this mainly forms the base of whatever we do. None the less, explore yourself, extend your limits, challenge your capabilities… take part in as many activities you can, meet as many people you can… express yourself.. spread your wings of freedom. But in this¬†endeavor, be responsible, donot loose your track, remain the kind of person, your true friends wish you to be.

Enough said, I am asked to share my experiences. I shall keep it short and simple – I had a blast these 3 years… when I was one amongst the many sitting there 3 autumns ago, it was like FOURRRR years!!! But 3 years down, when I speak to you on behalf of your seniors, I say – its “just” been 3 years! The teachers, the staff and authorities has been such a family.

I wish you happy 3-4 years, 4 deciding years of your life.. wishing you luck with your dreams..work hard and live your dreams!! have fun.

And ya… as an elder brother.. On behalf of the entire SKS Group of institutions, welcome to the family.

Take care!

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