Barkha Dutt… #barkhagate

Cutting the story short, lets face it.
If a person loves you, and asks you for your opinion.. you cant help it.
The audience actually SHOULD NOT be engaging themselves in the personal lives of public figure.
Barkha Dutt (@BDUTT) is a public figure..

Let us know people for the WORK that they do. Padmashree Barkha Dutt is a Journalist and a anchor. Let us know her for her journalism and her anchoring. A person has two faces of a life.. something that he/she wishes to show to others, and the other is the personal life. No one wishes his/her personal life be exposed.

As an anchor, she had been an inspiration to millions, me being one of them, inspiring them to speak english and to learn to moderate session and indulge in public speaking.
Let us know her for her reports. As for the tapes, I feel that was an extremely private talk and if at all this is journalism, its legitimate as @BDUTT writes “Radia was a valid news source for DMK camp. She gave info on Karunanidhi, and sought my analysis on what Cong may do next. Valid journalism.”

She has earned this respect over years, hard earned.

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