Nasscom IT niketan Tech unique 1.0 : Turn the table.

NASSCOM or its events need no introduction. I shall skip that part, and shall start discussing what the section “Turn the table” was. It showcased 4 speakers, who’s profession was somewhat driven by, or shaped by their passion.

The speakers include Mr Vikram Kumar (Entrepreneur, DataResolve Technologies), RJ Arvind (94.3 fm), Sherman Jackson (Designer) and me. For me it was a pleasure speaking in this occasion, to such a audience which was either students or extremely high profile dignitaries. Nothing in between though ! Haha.

I spoke about my passions – fiddling with photography and bits of Rabindrasangeet. Since, there was considerable percentage of students there, I wanted to make it interactive. The idea got struck down by the lack of time 🙁 Nevertheless I shared examples, for them to know, feel and get inspired.

I spoke on – Learning, what photography is for me, about passion, how our schedule plays a role, about sincerity, about passion and profession and somehow fusing them together making ourselves happy. I showcased few of my photographs.

Few moments, that I am going to carry a long way to go..

i) When I asked, “How many of us here are Students?” and Mr Rajendra Pawar raised his hands up smiling. 😀 He started the applause many times, and interacted very freely, easing me. PS : I was really taking “chaap”, but that eased me off a bit.

ii) The shock of my life, when Suparno da (He heads NASSCOM, Eastern India)  asked me to sing few lines after presentation. I was not prepared. I sang 4 lines of “Oi Ashontoler”, first line was complete out of scale, rest were okay. I was shivering. That was the first time, I sang on mic, and enjoyed the way my voice reverberated inside the hall. Although not good, I enjoyed it.

iii) Getting memento from Mr Bikram Dasgupta and Mr Babu. Mr Dasgupta is someone, who is regarded extremely dynamic and a demi-God for us students who are entrepreneurial. It was a pleasure to even see him by my own eyes.

Sharing the slides with you.

I thank Supratik, for being there all the while while I was preparing for my speech, giving valuable inputs and examples of Pandit Buddhadeb Dasgupta, and Pandit Jnan Prakash Ghosh ! They played wonders with the audience. I thank Aninda da, for having given me this opportunity to interact, it was an absolute pleasure, thank you for all the encouragement. Heart felt regards for Sudipto sir, Dr S Dasgupta (both from my college BCET) Mr Saikat Sengupta (my music teacher) Aji sir, Kamanashish da, Sumana di (for all the love and care)