Friends. Siblings. Attachment.

Few relations doesn’t necessarily need a blood connect. It is complete trust, believe, love without a doubt, acceptance and companionship without a complaint.. Those few relations, understand who you are, from being friends… they become siblings and live with you the entire life, loving you the way they can do best and being by you, even when God’s against.
You shall love life, even in time depressing, once you start looking at yourself through their eyes of love.

  • Alpana Jaiswal

    I believe in you and your words..

  • ashish

    cana guy and a gal b frends?????

    • Anirban

      siblings atleast?

  • Aritra

    wow…thats so true and u really have the ability to bring out the best words to express yourself so clearly yet leaving a mark. u r my rockstar !! u already know !