Birding should be treated separate from Wild Life. Here’s why!

tricoloured munia, rajarhat kolkata

What are the first things that come to your mind when someone says “Wild Life”?     Tigers and other animals or perhaps the greenery, isn’t it? Around 25% of people who were asked this question, mentioned “Tigers” while 30% other mentioned names of other animals. 40% mentioned that the term brings to their mind, the feel of a thrill […]

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What’s a Birding – Blogging Trek?

birding blogging trek, kolkata bloggers

GoingWild and Kolkata Bloggers, while brainstorming, just clubbing the concepts of a birding trek and a blogging workshop together to check if people would like it. And the result is amazing! Thus this blog post.     What’s a birding trek? A trek where people walk from point A to point B, pretty much like any other trek, feel the […]

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Moushuni- The Plight of West Bengal’s Virgin Islands

mousuni islands, rajatabha ray

  Nestled between the hazy silhouettes of Jambu Dwip, Sagar Dwip, Henry Island and Bakkhali lies the rustic and virgin island- Moushuni. Not many tourists are aware of this island or its plight in contemporary times. But an expedition conducted especially for the bloggers and photographers led me to discover this island. One of the epitomes of off-beat travel that […]

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The Holi of my imaginations,

holi, nandgaon, srivatsan sankaran

The word “Holi” creates vivid imagery in our minds. Especially if you are a Bengali who has grown up listening to either Ranga Hashi Rashi Rashi, Oshoke Polashe, Ranga nesha… or Khelbo Holi Rong Debo na, Tai kokhono hoye? And must have once definitely giggled while playing Holi with a select few friends or perhaps a cousin when they come […]

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The thrill that Himalayan Drive 5 is!

Himalayan Drive 5

  The sun refused to set as the dense fog enveloped the mountain. The driver drove past the road beside the tea gardens, miles along the twisted narrow lanes and hair pin turns. Tired but equally thrilled, I kept looking at the cars as they “navigated” their way through during the Himalayan Drive 5.     Picture this – the […]

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কৃষ্ণদেবপুরের গাজন উৎসব ২০১৪

Gajan festival, গাজন উৎসব

বিশ্বাসে মেলায় বস্তু || গাজন উৎসব ও চড়ক ‘ কৃষ্ণদেবপুর, পশ্চিম বাংলা ২০১৪ অনুবাদঃ তমোঘ্ন সরস্বতী (ছাত্র, নীল রতন সরকার মেডিক্যাল কলেজ ) ছবিঃ অনির্বাণ সাহা To read the blog post in English click here. “আপনারা কাল সন্ধ্যে অবধি থাকবেন তো?”, আমার উত্তরের অপেক্ষায় একদৃষ্টে বড় বড় চোখে সহাস্যবদনে শিশুটি তাকিয়ে ছিল আমার দিকে। আমার সামনে এক মন্দির চাতাল ভর্তি […]

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10 shades of Holi in Vrindavan & Mathura

Holi Widow in Vrindavan

Holi in Vrindavan & Mathura | Arghyadeep Roy and Anirban Saha | 27.03.2016  Radhe Radhe.   The Holi in Vrindavan and Mathura is already spoken much about on all travel and news portal. We could hardly add anything new to it. We could perhaps share our experience and we must say it was great! For those who still believe that Holi […]

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In revelry and dissent, my Calcutta

This city of Calcutta, the city of an ever changing skyline.. the city that never stops, radiating from every corner – the exuberance of its colours, its enthusiasm, its spirit. “Tilottoma” Kolkata, the ever beautiful city as it is referred to, refers to its spirit and the sense of grace. For cynics, Calcutta offers satire and sarcasm in its lanes. […]

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Why should you Photo walk?

Photo walking can be an exciting way to know and to make newer friends in your city. Grab your camera, stroll across the lanes of your city. Search for places beyond pubs/bars and voila! You feel so wonderful from the inside! You never know what you discover, whom you meet and what stories you come across. I’m still clueless about […]

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Gajan festival in West Bengal

gajan festival

Photograph #1: The street skit showing the dance of Lord Shiva. (Gajan | A tale of belief:  Gajan and Charak.  –          Anirban Saha & Sourav Halder, Krishnadebpur’ 2014. Read the Bengali translation by Tomoghno Saraswati here. A temple courtyard full of people watching performers depicting Gods. I had this wide eyed young boy beside me, who would smile at me […]

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