Chidambaram’s session at Tata Steel Kolkata Literary Meet

P. Chidambaram, Tata Steel Kolkata Literary Meet, Tata Steel Kalam

Literature festivals see an amalgamation of people across the cross section of the society, the young and the experienced, across all professions come and listen to eminent speakers whose topics range from Literature to Politics to everything that moves the society now. How could demonetisation not find a space in the Kolkata Literary Meet, patronised by Tata Steel in the […]

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Calcutta Boys’ School, Concord: Blogging, Photography & Java.

Calcutta Boys’ School is an integral part of my life today. So much so, that a few still think that I am an alumnus of Calcutta Boys’ School. I wish I was that privileged when I was a child. However, I have been very close to this school from 2011 and today, I treat it as dearly as my own Alma Mater. I […]

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Getting back to life

Not always do we have the best of time, do we? I had a rough phase and I believe it has gradually come to an end and this phase has taught me a few lessons in life! First, the big update- I’m planning to leave TCS. Anyone who knows me, knows Aji Issac Mathew and Techshu. I’ve been offered a […]

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Bloggers Meet and Discussion at US Consul Gen’s house

US Consul General Meet

If last Sunday saw 37 bloggers from varied genres and age groups come meet to exchange views, the Monday next saw 10 professional digital content creators being invited to the  Consul General of the United States of America’s residence to discuss about digital media and the social media trends in Kolkata! Both discussions were riveting to say the least and I thoroughly […]

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Year 2014 – Knowing the Blogger.

If 2013 was all about taming my mind, 2014 so far has been all about unleashing the blogger in me. I had always wanted to make a mark as a blogger and this year it was. I thank all of you who are reading this for making this year so beautiful for me. My online help to the young seemed […]

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A photo blogger’s take on Plagiarism

      From forwarding SMS’s to sharing content over the social media, we seem to be in a habit of copying content from one and publishing it from our profiles. This is scarily taken to the next level when the advertisement makers, “copy” photographs from the internet and use them while making advertisements. Why is this scary? The advertisement […]

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Kolkata Christmas Carnival and my experience 2013

I’ve a lot to say. Let me try organising my thoughts. 24th evening till 25th December midnight – was some crazy time. Not as crazy as my Maha-Kumbh experience, but just next to it. And now, what was so crazy? I was in my office, worked the entire time from 11:30 AM till 4:30 PM, without break.. My eyes were […]

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Kolkata and CamEra.

  People who know me, knows that I easily fall in love with any initiative that promotes Kolkata or Bengal. One such is CamEra. I am not a part of this, but few of my friends are. Of late, I came to know about the initiative properly and now, I am blogging about it. The one who started this – […]

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The “Whats up?” post

I just noticed, that this space was not updated for the last 1 month and more than 20 days. Quite contrary to the Anirban Saha people knew in 2009.. well, he posted two posts in one single day ! So what have I been up to ? Let me see, if I can script it down with few photographs. March […]

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