My 1st lesson of business: Trust.


It is a human world and we deal with human beings. Business, like any other relation, depends how much one person trusts the other. Yes, there are organisations and protocols but eventually it all boils down to two persons; their trust and the value proposition. “Kolkata Bloggers” has taken a slight edge over my GRE preparation and to me, entrepreneurship […]

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A reluctant photographers Mumbai visit!

    My perception of Mumbai has always been of a city which is fast paced with warm but crazy people. This was my third quick visit to this city, second one in this year and the views are just confirmed. This visit started as a joke that Rrivu cracked. My close friends know that I am a huge admirer […]

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Remembering Thamma (Grandmother).

– My grandmother, Thamma as I used to call her, was perhaps my first friend. When my mother used to be away with my sister for her music/dance class or perhaps her tuition classes, I sneaked into Thamma’s room and either did my school homework or play chess or listen to stories of Krishna and Chaitanya. She taught me how […]

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How important is one’s class 12 result ?

Saimantick exclaimed, “It’s the 18th that I dread. Not anything else. ISC results are going to be out.” I laughed at it explaining to him how scared I was during this phase, back in 2007. He told me he might get a seventy something percentage. He had a grim face with perhaps the palest eyes, staring at me. Not many months […]

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Bloggers Meet and Discussion at US Consul Gen’s house

US Consul General Meet

If last Sunday saw 37 bloggers from varied genres and age groups come meet to exchange views, the Monday next saw 10 professional digital content creators being invited to the  Consul General of the United States of America’s residence to discuss about digital media and the social media trends in Kolkata! Both discussions were riveting to say the least and I thoroughly […]

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Murshidabad: Hazar duari and around.

hazarduari palace, murshidabad tourism

One of the chief attractions in Murshidabad is the Hazarduari complex. I would not write about the history of the Hazarduari palace as my knowledge is particularly limited to the Wikipedia page. The Hazarduari palace was built by Mir Jafar’s family while Shiraj Ou’Dullas palace was on the other side of the river, now raised to the ground.  The Hazar Duwari complex has – Nizamat […]

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Yet another scribbling.

Some idle time by the side of the river watching the children play, the ducks walk around, the daily labourers smoking marijuana and ranting about their daily life. It was still warm after the sun set. It was windy by the river Ganga. Slowly the darkness enveloped the region. I had lost my mental calm after ages. I stared at the […]

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Kolkata Christmas Carnival and my experience 2013

I’ve a lot to say. Let me try organising my thoughts. 24th evening till 25th December midnight – was some crazy time. Not as crazy as my Maha-Kumbh experience, but just next to it. And now, what was so crazy? I was in my office, worked the entire time from 11:30 AM till 4:30 PM, without break.. My eyes were […]

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The Statesman Vintage Car Rally Kolkata 2013

Achira Dasgupta | Monday 14 January 2013, Kolkata About the Vintage Car Rally 2013. Photographs: Anirban Saha , Saikat Das, Aishwarya Das, Akshay Deep, Koustav Ghosh, Ranjurima Das, Sayon Kumar Saha   Update: Statesman Vintage Car Rally Kolkata 2015 shall be on 11 January. Passes available in Statesman office.    Cover : Anirban Saha & Saikat Das Standing outside the […]

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