Kolkata’s Street Art / Wall Art / Graffiti: Be Amazed!

kolkata street art, kolkata street art festival. nirbhaya, la martiniere

The Kolkata street art scene is intriguing, to say the least; as intriguing as the entire concept and evolution of the street art across the globe. I took an interest in this after I came across the Kolkata Street Art Festival and had set out to find different such pieces across the city. The street art across the globe has […]

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Paradoxes, Irrelevance and Chhapakhana Trails.

chhapakhana trails

Did you ever pick up an engraved wooden block up, dip it into the colour and print that on a sheet of cloth? If you haven’t, you’ve no clue how incredible it feels. The Future of the Past’s participant – The Chhapakhana Trails had given us this unique opportunity to experience this and many more. The Future of the Past […]

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My introduction to Birding.

Taiga flycatcher female

Sometime towards the end of 2014, I became friends with a kid; Souranil De. He is interested in good food and birds. “Because they are cute”, was his constant response every time I asked him why. There were times he went out with his friends for “birding” and sent me photographs of immensely small, cute, furry feathery birds and ask me, […]

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Hackathon: NASSCOM 10K Startups and US Consulate Kolkata

Hackathon Kolkata

We’ve often cribbed about this city, for being laid back and not organising Hackathons. The supposed techies like me who loves presenting ideas and building prototypes had to make their way to either Bangalore or Hyderabad to live this hackathon experience. But wait. During NASSCOM Product Conclave Kolkata 2014, with Dr. Amit Mitra’s help, NASSCOM 10000 startups warehouse was created in Kolkata, […]

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Web Literacy Campaign: Mozilla Hello Web Kolkata.

web literacy campaign kolkata, hello web, one web kolkata, mozilla clubs kolkata

I’ve always valued ideas and people over money in business, and so far it has been a fulfilling journey. Today I write this note, not as a happy sponsor but as an elder brother to Arkodyuti, and as a person encouraged by Mozilla Clubs initiatives and web literacy campaigns. Towards the end of May, a boy as young as my […]

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Five Emerging Companies from Kolkata Campuses.

kolkata startups

They challenged the idea of seeking a job. Instead, they took little initiatives while in college to create jobs for others and not crib about the lack of job opportunities in this part of the country. They are out to win the world with their roots in their college campuses.  It’s a privilege to be writing this blog post, connecting […]

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Nomadic Cloud’s “Travellers Meet Kolkata”.


One afternoon Anuradha Goyal called and asked me to take her around Kolkata. She wanted to explore and meet other bloggers based in Kolkata. The sweet person that I am, I readily agreed. I had one idea and one week to execute. Everyone joined hands and right in the middle of the week, during working hours in the middle of […]

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The Parsi Fire Temple and 5 things about Parsi community in India

Parsi Temple Kolkata

The Parsi Fire Temple in Kolkata is a place forbidden for any non-Parsi. But the forbidden things seem most tempting, isn’t it? When the temple was under renovation last February, I decided to give the place a visit.   Related Posts:10 thoughts to share today. #Personal20 Kolkata based photographers you should follow…Caving in Meghalaya – Closer to the core10 shades […]

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